Alcohol Drinking in Germany

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Alcohol has the tendency to be a cause of death for a vast number of people. The consumption of alcohol can also have a consequence on your brain which in turn makes you tremble at the same time as losing control over all of your senses, and it can also kill parts of your brain cells. What is more, is that alcohol consumption can cause your liver to depreciate and not function appropriately.

Liver transplants are not easy to take place and they rarely take place. Even if it does take place it is hard for a person with a liver transplant to survive for too long. Even though it is general knowledge that alcohol consumption has the tendency to kill people, still there are millions of people who consume great amounts of alcohol on daily basis (Martina, Gert, Eckardt, and Klaus, 2003).

As known to all, Germany is perhaps one of the most alcohol-drinking nations from all over Europe, ranking fifth right after Luxembourg, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Ireland. Only a small percent of about five percent of the people of Germany seem to call themselves teetotalers, which are people who completely abstain themselves from the use of alcoholic beverages, ranking it, after Luxembourg as the European nation that has the lowest percentage of people who do not drink at all.

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With reference According to the World Health Organization, and as has been proved by a vast number of studies, the whole of Europe is said to have the highest amount of alcohol consumption with comparison to all of the other parts of the world rating it per capita consumption as twice as high as compared with the average of the entire world.


As has been mentioned before, the most prevalent problem in the whole of Germany is said to be alcohol consumption and dependence on it as well. This is a statement that has been verified by Peter Lang, who is basically the head of drug prevention and abuse at the German Center for Health Education (Ryan, 2006).

Basically alcohol abuse is said to be the most common as well as the largest of all social problems within Germany. As is known to all, Bildunterschrift: dangerous and detrimental using up is without a doubt connected with a number of psychosomatic, communal and physical condition problems, and in addition, has a considerable economic bang on the social order as a whole.

In the words of Peter Lang, "It's difficult to say what is causing this, because alcohol is more or less an accepted drug in a lot of circumstances, like for parties or other social occasions. If you compare Germany to countries like the US, there is drinking in public that is different and more accepted. Consuming alcohol during the day is really more accepted here in Germany," (Ryan, 2006).

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