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DocNet system

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The developed DocNet system will give the possibility to perform any number of various tasks over the document and to control their implementation. When the new task is to be created, the performer is to be informed via e-mail and / or sms message.

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DocNet system

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. If certain delivery or performance deadlines are broken the performers and responsible person is to be informed by e-mail or sms message.

For making documents (orders, office notices) preparation efficient and fast the system is able to create and maintain the moderate number of templates, which the employee will be authorized to use creating a new project document. In addition, the system is capable to create a model routes for documents’ authorization across the company. In order to perform the efficient documents’ processing tracking, the draft version of the document displays all the comments made by the participants of document authorization process, system events, etc.

The special register of business process’ logs is to be implemented into the system. There are two major methods of documents authorization: the serial and parallel. The event related to sending a document to the authorization is presented as a task thus it to be displayed in the list of active tasks of the user. At this organization of tasks distribution process the processing of each particular task is accompanied by sending sms message or an e-mail, which links the performer directly to the page of the task.

Depending on the security policy, authorization managers can authorize a document by pressing the pad and impose digital signature afterwards. After digital signature is added any ability to insert additional changes to the document is blocked. Without attention being paid to the method of authorization either the parallel or serial, the document goes for approval only after the completion of the authorization process. The approver can approve the document, using the mobile device while he is away from the office.

There also an ability to use biometric signature for the approval of the document included to the system infrastructure. The process of document approval in the system is regarded to be completed thru informing about it the initiator of the document processing and registrar of the document. Afterwards, depending on the system settings, the automatic or manual notification of the document in the system is to be performed. The capability to insert the bar code marks on the paper documents is to be implemented into the system. This feature can be used for the registration of incoming correspondence.

Drawing barcode mark allows the uniquely identify the paper document and implement a connection between the paper document and its electronic copy, stored in the system, as well as with previously registered information. The efficient interaction of users throughout different departments of one business unit becomes possible with Doc. Net system implementation. The approach offered by the system does not completely isolate the users from the work with already established systems thus it does not imply a complete replacement of all interface forms of using systems with DocNet.

System. The approach implemented in DocNet system assumes that users will interact with all units relying on the tasks set for them thru DocNet system in strict accordance with the executed business process. Teamwork subsystem is an important part of DocNet solution. Its credentials are important for the collective work performance and its integration in the global corporate collaborative infrastructure. Marketing Partnering with Softline JSC, FUJI XEROX Australia automatically receives the extensive capacity to use its partner’s reference across the existing clients’ base.

The additional value is a printing module. It is about to be implemented as a new component to DocNet system. This module brings the opportunity to deliver re-customized product for the actual customers

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