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Customization and personalization

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Aquarelle. com is a colorful web site providing a huge variety of products on its home page. It is possible to navigate the menu easily. However, it is so for connoisseurs (frequent users) only. In this respect the navigation aspect needs some arrangements to be done. It corresponds to the infromativeness of products promoted. Though the company in person of web designers took care of making “Order Follow-up” button quite visible, there are some elements which can get users bewildered about what to do at the moment.

It refers to more details on corporate club affairs and how to become an authorized client/partner of the company. Too long list of flowers proposed at the moment is better to decrease and add some more information in terms of customer-related strategy. Download speed This characteristic feature of a web pages embraces the time period for screening particular information by means of a simple click on a definite button. Download speed in e-commerce illuminates the real speed of customers’ base growth for a particular company (Bajaj & Nag, 2005).

Amazon. com provided a rational approach in depicting slight and small by size visual elements on its pages. Thus, it makes the download speed easy-going and quite fast for a user to reach out information under a definite thumbnail. It is astonishing how web designers improved the interface in its quality to download pages trying to make customers wait for no spare second. Aquarelle. com has also succeeded in providing light graphics by clicking on particular thumbnails.

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Customization and personalization

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In this respect it becomes clear why the weighty graphics of flowers (JPG and GIF files) are all represented on the home page. The speed of opening pages is amazing and keeps a user closer to making decisions within a few seconds or so. Customization and personalization are additional peculiarities of a web page which provide exhaustive information on an end user experience (Bidgoli, 2004). In this respect this element is vital to make users think they are recognizable by the administration. In fact, it speeds the process of making on-line user-company relationships as wholeness up. Amazon.

com provides its users with a wide range of opportunities to enlarge and to dully customize a page for each user through the initial survey and further amendments. All information on a particular customer’s likes is at the disposal just after signing in. Aquarelle. com also gives the users an opportunity to work out a personalized page. However, it is based solely on the concise personal information on a user. The variety of products to be preferable is not indicated, unfortunately. This drawback is seen on the limited number of basic features and information on a user’s attitude toward them.

Accessibility The accessibility, as a vital option, is in part close to usability of a web page, as it provides a completed representation of users’ transactions through data access, thus, improving users’ shopping experience (Prague, Irwin, & Reardon, 2003). It means that a user is available to get access to all links on a web page without facing any kind of restrictions. During making some shopping by means of amazon. com, there were no possible blockages or restrictions. All items were added to a cart and further processed. No errors emerged. The same was with aquarelle. com.

All links were accessible and all randomly taken orders were done properly. Ease of use Perceived usefulness of a web site, its ease of use, is a valuable identification of a web page suitability and usability for users, so that to point out content menu along with how it goes on, in particular (Park, Murray, & Delaney, 2006). A list of values as of ease of use scoped out both web sites under investigation is as follows: ? Amazon. com 1. Simplicity just from the outset; 2. Customer-related, personalized interface; 3. Highly updated every now and then; 4. Purchase by one click; 5. High download speed from one page to another;

Comprehensive thumbnails and icons to get an idea of how to process. ? Aquarelle. com 1. Easy-to-go design; 2. Less words more pictures; 3. One-click registration; 4. Ability to provide its fresh products throughout Europe; 5. Versatility of ways to pay; 6. Understandable logs. BACK-END INTEGRATION There is a strict dependency between the front-end and back-end integration, as exemplified above. Both amazon. com and aquarelle. com are highly developed in their customer-related integration owing to a well-polished work on the part of back office. However, several different features as of integration were indicated at both web sites.

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