The relationship between Project Management and Enterprise Resource Planning

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In Project management the incorporation of sections is detrimental to the functioning of an organization. The ERP system incorporates all the sections of an organization into one system or incorporated part of IT systems. Workers will have the right choices in making valuable assessment on all enterprises businesses work. The ERP is a reasonable resolution to the chaos that different application systems cause. It addresses the needs for world wide data recording and communicating. It is used to shun away the tribulations and the cost of making legal systems.

The Turner industries made profits of around $ 300 million to 800 million in sales in the last 10 years due to the implementation of the ERP system. The biggest task of any organization is to finish its plan on a scheduled time and maintaining the financial plan as well as satisfying consumers needs and wants. Turner industries put in an ERP system and called it the proposal Interplan. The proposal got recognition for the best invention software in the heavy building enterprise. Interplan operates all of Turners building, breakdown and preservation plans. (Baltzan &Philips, 2009 p.

298) ERS is so accurate in approximating and planning tasks that Turner enterprise made excessive revenues on plans that used interplan. The ERP makes enterprises to save on expenditure. This can make consumers more satisfied as the enterprise makes quality products and this gives the enterprise a competitive edge . A common mistake that sections of an organization do is that it changes its system without including other sections. This could be disastrous as one section can not function on its own ERP gives enterprises the steadiness it needs (Baltzan &Philips, 2009, p. 298).

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An ERP system offers methods such as the essential planning and managing of all the supplies needed to be taken, invented, and crafted. The reports for the consumer needs in production, allocation or service organization. In Los Angeles there are around 3. 5 million people with 44000 metropolitan workers and a financial plan of $ 4 billion. Some time back all sections of the metropolitan workers did the purchasing on their own. That is 2000 people in 600 metropolitan offices and 60 stores wanted the same materials. Some 120,000 purchase orders and 50,000 pay checks per annum were given to the 7000 sellers.

Unaccountability was common during those days. The project manger says that every section had its own records on the various types of systems, Cost –items differences kept on accumulating. One section of the metropolitan workers Purchased this way the other metropolitan considered another way to buy the materials. Their main computer structure was situated alone. The metropolitan preferred the ERP system as the $22 million plan to incorporate the purchasing and financial records in the whole metropolitan (Baltzan &Philips, 2009 p. 299).

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