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Software Customization

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Business software was fabricated to intentionally make the company processes much easier, efficient, accurate and more convenient for the users. Today, these software are now ready for modifications to suit the business needs of a particular company. Apparently, software customization is considered to be a social modification process (Clement) which affects many segments of people’s day to day activities

The customization of a business software is applicable only if it can justify the reasons for such modification. As examples, it would only be more ideal to customize a software if the company has found a more productive way of doing business or if the company is protecting any of its intellectual property rights for a particular product.

The main benefit of software customization in a newly discovered mode of production is that the software can minimize possible delays and errors in doing the said procedure because of the fact that its function will directly support the task. On the other hand, a customized software can also provide a form of security for intellectual product rights because the customized program will only be useful for a particular segment of the company’s production line.

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Although software customization provides a larger scale of benefits, there are also some related concerns. For one, customizing a pre-defined program may require the company to invest in hiring an expert programmer to initiate the customization. Also, it is a necessary thing to train the in-house programmers for the customization so that the procedure can be maintained. These factors may all involve additional financial investments for the company. Moreover, customization also carries a certain amount of risks for it my not readily identify some erroneous procedures the software my induce in other unidentified company processes.

On a personal note, it seems that the most fundamental advancement in personal computing is the introduction of the internet. Previously, anything that needs to be done using a machine assistant was only confined in a limited area of computing. However, today’s capacity of the computers to transmit and receive data in split second speeds has allowed many individuals, organizations and industries to exchange information which primarily drives today’s social development. Basically, the advanced capability of PCs and the internet have definitely improved how business, education and communication are being implemented.


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