Experienced Infra Site Manager with Project Management and Quality Control Skills in Infrastructure Project Sector

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CIRRICULUM VITAE NATRAJ. K Mobile: +917893067763 ( : natraj. k111@gmail. com PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY A dynamic & result oriented professional with 5. 6 years of experience in various platforms of project management, contract management, quality management, personnel management activities in INRASTUCTURE PROJECT SECTOR.

Well served as an Infra site Manager (Jr) with ATS GROUP Ltd in Abu Dhabi, UAE for Homeland Security Projects Deputed by the AVANA [TATA-AGT] INTERNATIONAL COMPANY. Well conversant in handling the Survey, Planning, Drawing, Resource Management, Vendor Management. Astute manager with a flair for adopting modern project execution methodologies, systems in compliance with quality standards. Expertise in swiftly ramping up projects with competent crossfunctional skills and on time execution. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Worked as an Infra Site Manager (Jr) with ATS GROUP LTD (Homeland security projects) since Oct 2010 to may 2012. (RECRUITED as an EXECUTIVE by the TATA AVANA GROUP [JOINT VENTURE OF TATA AND AGT INERNATIONAL COMPANY] CORE COMPETENCIES PROJECT PLANNING ? Implement detailed project reports and project execution plans/drawings after thorough discussion with clients, selection of sites, project evaluation in terms of outlays and profits attached. ? List down the resource needs for projects, after considering the budgetary parameters set. Establish time p of project execution as per client specifics. ? Monitor project status during the course of periodic project review meetings. ? Evaluate Designs; coordinate with Consultants and Sub Contractors for changes in the same. SITE & CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT ? Manage all construction activities including providing technical inputs for methodologies of construction & coordination with site management activities. ? Interact with Site Purchasers and Suppliers for achieving cost effective purchase of equipment, accessories, material with timely delivery so as to minimize project cost.

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CONTRACT MANAGEMENT ? Oversee pre-tender obligations like submitting pre-qualifications, study of contractual conditions, project cost analysis including considering cost impact of techno-commercial conditions. ? Coordinate with Main Contractors; monitor their performance in view of project schedule. Settle all techno-commercial disputes / clarifications during execution of project. ? Prepare contract documents for various work items including contractual terms and conditions, technical specifications and commercial terms.

QUALITY ASSURANCE & CONTROL ? Handle Quality Management Systems across various processes to reduce rejection levels and ensure high quality standards at all the stages of production by maintaining Documentation & Data Management. ? Conduct various inspections to ensure designed products are in compliance with pre-set technical specifications. ? Take adequate measures like forming quality circles, maintaining necessary records and conducting audits to comply with statutory quality & environmental standards. CO-ORDINATION Network with Consultants, Architect, Contractors, Clients to ascertain technical specifications, construction related essentials, based on the prevalent rules and codes. ? Relationship management with Statutory Authorities for availing mandatory sanctions. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: ? BTech in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from J. N. T University in Nov 2006. WORK EXPERIENCE: 1. Worked as a Service Site engineer with Aster Teleservices Pvt Ld. , from Nov 2006 to Oct 2007 in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. 2. Worked as a cluster Engineer (PMC Projects) with Aster Teleservices Pvt Ltd. from Nov 2007 to Oct 2008 in Ananthapur, Chittoor&Cuddappah regions in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. 3. Worked as a CLUSTER HEAD (projects & maintenance) for the Medak, Rangareddy and Hyderabad region in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA from Nov 2008 to Jan 2010 in ESSAR COMMUNICATIONS. 4. Worked as a Deputy Manager in ESSAR BULK TERMINAL(20mmtpa) (port projects, Material Handling Projects and Power Projects) in jamnagar(vadinar) GUJRAT, INDIA from Feb 2010 to sept 2010 5. Worked as a Infra site Manager (Jr) with ATS GROUP LTD in Abu Dhabi, UAE in Homeland security projects from oct 2010 to May 2012.

DETAL JOB PROFILE: 1. 1. Aster Teleservices Pvt Ltd. As a Service Site Engineer. Client: AIRTEL Company. Job profile: • Supervising the Civil, Electrical and tower erection works . • Commissioning, Maintenance & troubleshooting of all Sites. • O & M activites of all civil and electrical works. 2. 1. Aster Teleservices pvt ltd. As a cluster engineer. Client: vodafone company & Indus Company Job profile: • Supervising the Civil, Electrical works of all Sites. • Commissioning, Maintenance & troubleshooting of all Sites. VSWR Measurements, RF Power calibration, Internal & External Alarm Testing. • O & M activites of all civil and electrical works. • survey for upgradation of existing sites. • Survey for new sites. 3. 1. ESSAR COMMUNICATIONS. As a CLUSTER HEAD. Key Responsibilities: • Execution of Projects from Inception to Completion including Project Planning, Project Costing, Budgeting. • Coordination & Communication both Internal & External, Scheduling and preparation of project progress report. • Preparation of BOQ & Collection of receivables from the customers. Managing for all the activities of mobile telecom Infra implementation Which Include Land acquisition, Civil survey, Civil foundation(for GBT and RTT and RTP TOWERS ), Shelter foundation, shelter erection, Tower Erection, DG installation, Internal & External Electrical works, Sharing of sites. • O&M Responsible for operation and maintenance of Tower Sites at 3 regions are MEDAK , ZAHEERABAD , VIKARABAD • Upgradation of existing tower sites for addition of customers • System testing Acceptance & issuance of ATP 4. 1. ESSAR BULK (coal) TERMINAL. As a Deputy Manager. Key Responsibilities:

Planning, Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Erection, testing & commissioning, Co-ordination with consultant, supplier , contractor & other departments for following packages 1) Power distribution for ESSAR TERMINAL PORT 2) Automatation , Control and VVFC drive for Conveyor system 3) Dust suppression and Fire Fighting system 4) Wagon loading and Truck loading system. 5) Brought out items like transformer, Motors, Cables 6) Grab Unloader (2000 TPH) & stacker cum reclaim (6000/2500 TPH) 5. 1. WORKED AS A INFRA SITE MANAGER (JR) WITH ATS GROUP LTD IN ABU DHABI, UAE.

Key Responsibilities: ? Supervising the Civil, Electrical works ? Monitoring daily and weekly and monthly target tracking by vendor ? Providing design and work plan to vendor for completion of project in time ? System testing Acceptance & issuance of ATP. ? Plan, organize and coordinating with stakeholder for the successful completion of project. ? Responsibility includes design review and analysis of projects, preparation of documents for approval of the local authorities (confidential), material procurement scheduling, project budget, project development, and quality control.

Key Projects and Selected Accomplishment: ? Construction of Backbone Project For fiber connectivity. This project involved Instalation of manholes, duct laying and fiber connectivity between major control room. ? ADCO in around fence up gradation and security camera installation, conversion of existing fence into smart fence and also planning for all fiber and power connectivity for cameras &sensors as well as radars. ( CNIA ) Critical National infrastructure Authority. Light pole project in Zero tolerance area to provide light support for the security camera, access control and smart fence. ? Fiber Network planning, cable laying in perimeter fence to backbone route and main control room. Installation of SWB and cable termination from the Cameras. (CC 10 & CC 30 ) PERSONAL DETAILS: Full Name: Kanikarapu Natraj Date of Birth: 25-06-1983. Languages Known: English, Telugu, Hindi Marital Status : Married. Permanent Address: PLOT NO: 14/A, Laxmi nagar, Picket, Secunderabad. Phone No : +917893067763.

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