Developmental Psychology and Commitment Scores

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This activity will help you understand Erik Erosion's perspective on identity formation. As well as James Marcia's four steps or stages in the identity process. Paths to Identity Achievement How did Erikson define identity achievement? What combination of exploration and curtailment scores are seen? Some pathways lead us through experiences that will provide a solid foundation for building our Identity, while other pathways are "wrong turns" or "dead ends". A person who scored high on both exploration and ointment would be classified in the status to identity achievement.

What is diffusion? What combination of exploration and commitment scores are seen? Teens are relatively apathetic and uninterested in questions of identity and are definitely not ready to commit to any setoffs values or beliefs. An Individual who scores low on both exploration and commitment What is troubles? What combination to exploration and commitment scores are seen? Teens that avoid struggling with their identity and simply build an Identity eased on the values and beliefs of others, usually the parents, A person who scores low on exploration and high on commitment would be in this category.

What is moratorium? What combination of exploration and commitment scores are seen? Teens that are trying out different roles and experimenting with different lifestyles but making no commitment to any to them. This Is signaled by a high score of exploration and a low score on commitment. Marcia's Identity status Model After considering your Identity status classification based on the initial questionnaire, do you believe that your classification was accurate? Yes. M in moratorium and foreclosure section. Although no one else can evaluate my selection, researchers have found that most students have progressed beyond diffusion and foreclosure to active exploration of identity issues. Which of Marcia's four statuses best fits you right now? Identity achievement and moratorium, as well as foreclosure. Why you would not classify yourself as being In the other three statuses? Because I tint it easy to commit to things that matter to me such as my values and

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