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Concepts of Developmental Psychology

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General adaptation syndrome (GAS) and its stages (think of real-world examples) 8. Lazarus' primary and secondary appraisal (think of real-world examples) 9. Problem-focused and emotion-focused coping (think of real-world examples) 1 1 . Type A and Type B behavior pattern 12. Optimism 13. Sexually transmitted diseases CHAPTER 11 STUDY GUIDE (Define,'describe all terms) 1. Personality 2. Sigmund Freud and his emphasis on unconscious forces 3. Unconscious, preconscious, conscious 4. 'd, ego, superego - what they are and what "principle" the operate with 5. Defense mechanisms - list and define 6.

Psychosocial stages of development (see chart on page. 358) Know how to apply these! 7. Alfred Idler's individual psychology . Inferiority complex 9. Conditions of worth 10. Characteristics of self-actualization individuals 11. Unconditional positive regard 12. Trait theories 13. Cardinal and central traits 14. Raymond Chattel's source traits 15. Five-factor model 16. Extroversion and introversion 17. Reciprocal determinism 18. External and internal locus of control Please reproduce the pyramid and label the levels representing Mascots Hierarchy of Needs.

The five questions that help determine whether behavior is abnormal 2. Definition of psychological disorder . Cognitive perspective 4. The category of disorders that is most prevalent in the U. S. 5. Panic disorder 6. Generalized anxiety disorder 7. Social phobia 8. Obsession 9. Compulsion 10. Major depressive disorder 11. Bipolar disorder 13. Risk factors for suicide 14. Psychosis 15. Schizophrenia 16. Delusion 17. Paranoid schizophrenia 18. Dissociation disorders (remember, this is NOT THE SAME THING as schizophrenia) 19.

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Dissociation identity disorder 20. Antisocial personality disorder (Define,'describe all terms) 1. Insight therapy 2. Psychodrama therapy 3. Techniques used in psychoanalysis 4. Carl Rogers, humanism, and person-centered therapy 5. Humanistic therapy 6. Person-centered therapy 7. Types of relationship therapies 8. Behavioral therapy 9. Time out 10. Factors that increase the effectiveness of time out 1 1 . Systematic desensitizing 12. Flooding 13. Exposure and response prevention 14. Aversion therapy 15. Participant modeling and Bandanna's observational learning theory 16.

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