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Developmental Psychology and Life

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Understanding Psychology Psychology is everywhere, surrounding our daily lives. It helps us, humans, to overcome difficult challenges and obstacles we come across. I do not know my future, but what I plan on looking forward too is working as an accountant. As I get up to becoming an accountant, using psychological theories will help me, but having a successful career does not necessarily mean a successful life. In my opinion, a successful life consists of the job you are happy to work for and the family you have always wanted.

Throughout the course of this psychology class, the theories and concepts I got the most out of was on child development. Learning psychology is well worth anyone’s time if they want the drive and aim toward a specific goal and it will definitely help me in life. The psychological concept of problem-solving will be useful in my future as algorithms will be the most reliant to an accountant. But using heuristics to get done with work more quickly during a bad day is a solution I need to think of too.

If I became a well-liked accountant serving many companies and people, it will be difficult for me to get all the work done for every single person. That is why I hope the heuristics I come up with will get the job done quicker. Algorithms are for computers, but we humans learn shortcuts for most things in life. Getting to my goal of becoming an accountant, I want to have the psychological motivation in my mind to achieve the best I can. Motivation is be a huge factor in achieving most obstacles. Having the motivation will help you rise above others that are looking for the job to serve someone.

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Also, as I am a Type B person right now, the nice, calm, relaxed; however, I should be more of a hardy personality, the one who has a strong commitment to a specific goal in life which will get me to have that motive of being that accountant. It will be easier for me to earn the position of my future career. Everyone has a goal in life and having a hardy personality will help one achieve and pursue further past the goal. Even becoming a type A person will help me achieve my goals sooner; it will end my life more quickly.

Psychology has helped me become more motivated in achieving all the goals I have to look forward to and hopefully achieving in the future. Self-esteem is a major role in everyone’s life. Before this psychology class, I did not notice my self-esteem level. I assume that I have a high self-esteem because of all the high hopes and feelings I always think of. Having that high self-esteem is essential in life and I hope that I will continue to have the high self-esteem I have now. I look at myself as if I will become a successful accountant. I continue to say that I can achieve what I want to achieve if I believe I can.

This course has helped me understand the self-esteem and what I get out from it. Knowing more about it got me to try harder so that I can look at myself, happy. Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love taught me three key components in keeping a relationship strong and healthy. Intimacy, passion, and commitment are what Sternberg’s theory of love consists of. As I grow closer to my significant other, I want to have all three of those elements with her to stick with each other. Working on all three elements is something that I should work on now and throughout the future.

It will get me closer to my significant other and will provide a more exciting and committed relationship. As I have learned plenty of information throughout the semester, I have learned more on child development more than anything else in the class. I know that it has helped me become a better parent for the future. I am hoping to have a family of my own someday. It is not a goal that will be easy to accomplish. The theory of cognitive development has been the biggest impact for me because I have learned the stages of Piaget.

I think that is important because understanding the stages and where the child is with the stage; it will help me figure out the child’s needs and wants. Knowing this will encourage me to become a better father in the future. The stages will help me know why a child did what. Toddlers will be clueless being talked out of doing something; they will not understand the lectures you present to them. Learning to disciple them a different way will be much more effective and efficient if you understand the different stages of children.

The future will provide many great things and having to raise a child the correct way depending on your child will be greatly beneficial as it will not only please you, but the child will grow up happy. Learning about Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory has helped me understand the meaning of true life. What it is intended for and what I have done with my life as of now. I do not remember the time of my early childhood that much, but I know I was taught in a well organized way because you need the early stages strong and wide to develop a strong later stage.

Teaching my kids using Erikson’s theory will get my children to become strong and well controlled. I want my infant to know that people will be there for her. I want the baby to learn trust instead of mistrust so that she will have a strong base to start off in the right direction of her new life. As she becomes a toddler, I want her to know that she can do things on her own. I do not want to interfere with anything or even look frustrated at her that will make her feel unworthy of doing something which will get her to be shameful and doubtful later on in life. As the toddler grows, I want to encourage her to do things on her own.

I want her to take initiative instead of being in guilt all the time. Taking initiative will help her become more of a role model later in life and that is what most caring parents want their child to become. During middle childhood, I want my child to know the industry of our culture and to learn the basic skills of our culture. As adolescence hits my child, I want them to understand who she really is and what she is going for. I want her to identify herself and not get mixed up in role confusion. I am in my adolescence as well, and I have figured out where I want to go in life, as I want to become an accountant.

I can say I have successfully overcome the role confusion in Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory. Knowing Erikson’s theory has helped me recognize the later life and what it has to offer me. I want to have the intimacy in my life instead of isolation. Having that special person in my life helps me make every effort to become successful in the future. When I finally hit my middle age, I want to realize that my life is getting closer to an end and that I cannot live forever. It will help me for my next stage, which will help me understand that I had a purpose in life. I would not want to die in living in regret.

Not only do I want to do the right thing for myself, but also I want my family to take time to understand Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory. It will help each single person become a better person. In addition, learning the foot in the door and door in the face effect will greatly impact what I can get out of life. The foot in the door effect is when you start off with something small and then you add on something small. In the future if I am planning on getting married, I could ask my parents if they are willing to buy something small for the wedding such as, invitation aper. Then as I get them to accept my request, I add on something small again such as, flowers. Then add on more and more; eventually, my parents will be paying a large amount for the wedding. However, the door in the face effect is something different. It is when you ask for something big where they will say no. Then putting out something big again but is easier to do, so that someone will do it because they will feel bad for saying no. This could be useful when I ask for a raise, but I ask for a large amount where I will get denied.

Then I ask for something smaller so that I will be able to acquire even a raise. That is why the foot in the door and door in the face effect will be very useful to me in the future where my expenses will be much higher than it is now. In conclusion, psychology has given me the opportunity to help go through life step by step for the aspirations I have. Having aspirations are important in the process of moving forward in life and I know that psychology has helped me move forward. Learning material that will make my future a whole lot better is more fun to learn about than material I may never have to use again.

Learning about the different stages in Piaget’s stages as well as Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory will be useful for a child in the future. As well as providing the information of motivation, self-esteem, types of personalities, and problem-solving will help me for my future career. I want to use the knowledge of psychology to help me achieve the happy life that will be the best for me. Learning about Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love will also help me get the most out of a relationship and be joyful to be with someone I will truly love.

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