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Developmental psychology Analysis

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This evidence shows prove that being in a low income family or living in poverty as some might like to say, has a very big impact on children's life if a parent has low self-esteem no drive in themselves then it is not showing young children how to grow into young positive, confident and thriving adults, so therefore Just copy what they now and this can cause a cycle. Quality of food we eat and give our children Is another environmental fact that can can help with our child's development, Junk food for example can make children obese, this can cause all sorts of problems In health, children who are obese will have less energy, this will cause children to not want to socialism, and this can lead to other problems such as low self-esteem,depression and anger. If you feed children more healthy food they are going to have so much more energy It will make them eager to go out and socialism and most of all help them to learn, improve your child's behavior and learning by improving their diet.

Eating adequate protein and getting other nutrients that support optimal brain functioned life and school is another most important environmental fact that has a big impact on a child's development. Some children can not have the love and attention they would like and need at home this can cause children to be rebel's as some people would say, this could be caused by not knowing how to show emotion, this could be because of them not being shown emotion by family Page 1 15 Lisa Henderson 72ND at home so in a sense it's attention seeking this is due to a child doesn't feel that they are getting any attention of their family/parent's and the only way to do that is to play up even though it's not necessarily the attention they would like from their family, its there only way of getting it.

School has another impact on children's development, if a child is asked to do something at school and feels they are incapable but yet the teacher still insists that the child carries out the activity the child can then start to feel frustrated,angry and then leaves the child feeling inadequate and leaves them with a sense of failure and embarrassment. Bullying is another major problem that can happen inside or outside of school and has a major impact on children's behavior and development this can cause low self-esteem, and stress which can then cause lack of sleep due to worry which then stops the main from functioning to its full a capability, stopping the child to fully express them selves.

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Developmental psychology Analysis

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To help children who are in this situation they need support and need confidence and transduction's, the characteristic of this and the meaning is that children or adults develop through a more hands on approach, by this I mean learning by doing. A Russian man named Level Whisky was one of the first men to push to prove that children can learn through constructivist learning. Level Whisky used a method called 'scaffolding' in this method he changed the level of support which was provided depending on how skilled the child was and this of course did vary.

Depending on how skilled the child was would depend on how much help they would need, and in time need none at all. Quote: The term 'scaffolding' is meant to represent the support for assistance provided by the teacher or mentor in the learning process. "cataloging" is a metaphor that describes the way a teacher provides assistance to the students during the learning process in much the same way that construction scaffolding serves as a temporary support until the build 2005 An example of this is some children might be able to write their name at the age of three and some children might not be able to until they are five. This is a good example to compare this theory against the constructivist theory, the reason for this is children might learn to write their name at school by using the more hands on earning approach, but younger children could learn it earlier then this by maturing earlier.

Maturations learning was a way that children could learn at their own pace, every child learns different and some faster than others, this was also a way of children improving on what they already new and choosing new ways of learning by themselves, instead of somebody trying to teach them something they are was not ready to learn natural way. . Maturations also it all owed children to develop in a "observe progress in a child and choose to focus on what a child already knows, rather than what he or she doesn't know' Children mature at different stages and this could be for a numerous reasons, due to being a premature baby or Just they are incapable of doing something because they haven't developed the skills to perform certain tasks yet.

An example of this is, a three year old child at the age of three being able to talk in full sentences and another child exactly the same age not being able to talk at all with no medical reason what's so ever Just that he is not yet capable of doing so. I know this from experience. With a child who isn't capable of doing things like other children there win age this would be a good way of trying to teach them, its a good way of them learning at their own pace in their own time without feeling pressured. Page/ 5 Henderson 72ND II: Using Jean Piglet's stages of cognitive development, describe the rationale behind the use of Key stage testing in primary schools. Lean Piglet's stated that children progressed through four different stages in their childhood.

The stage he stated children was at during primary school was the concrete operations stage. This was studied with ages 7-11 . "Concrete operations (ages-11). As physical experience accumulates, accommodation s increased. The child begins to think abstractly and conceptualize, creating logical structures that explain his or her physical experience's"

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