Development Of Manageral Recommendation From The Case Study

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Recommendation is necessary in every aspect of the business. A recommendation is like a certificate issue to you, which stand to qualify you of being able to perform. From the case study, there is the need to recommend performing a particular job. So there must be an effective managerial recommendation in every aspect of the proposed project up to its implementation. The issue is “how to manage the project properly with the available limited resources without incurring debts and errors that could lead to huge financial loses, and that can cripple the financial purse of the company.

So proper managerial recommendation is a must from one stage to another, which will involve an effective monitoring team in order to ensure that the recommendations are carried out in accordance with company’s guidelines and the personnel engage do not derail. ‘DISCUSSION ON IMPLEMENTING RECOMMENDATION’ The word “recommendation” implied approves to do sometime that is required to do. “Implementation” implies putting the recommendation into use. Recommendation is the first steps before implementation.

The recommendation will be required based on is needed by the company in terms of purchasing and supply which could imamate through maintenance of equipments or engagement of independent contractor to supply a service or product the company may need. It depends on what exactly the company requires before it can be recommended. Consequently, base on the company’s management Philosophy regarding procurement activities, the proposal must follow the due process.

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In order words, the proposed project must be assessed by the department in charge of project assessment and recommendation based on the philosophy of the company. The project assessing department must put into consideration, the factors that determine its implementation before recommendation is made to the management. The question to ask is ‘Does it make sense to implement this project? , ‘What benefit can the company derive from? ‘What were its functions? ’.

Where it require to acquire equipment, one should ask, ‘Should we acquire a new one or a refurbished type’? what is the cost? ’; ‘Can the company afford the cost involved In addition to related expenses? ’. ‘What is the financial strength of the company? ’; ‘Should we take it on lease or purchase it out rightly? ’. These are some the areas to be considered to determine either to implement the project or not. What is the qualification of the vendor? Has he perform very well on past jobs or should we approach another?

These and many more are the question to be asked before writing out the recommendation which will follow the due process based on the philosophy of the company and if it is considered that all is well, it is then approved by the management of the company in order to effect its implementation. The above questions should be asked in a general meeting in which every member of the project’s recommendation, implementation and monitoring unit should attend and send recommendation to the management for final approval.

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