Letter of Recommendation For A Student

Last Updated: 06 Oct 2020
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Letter of Recommendation It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr.. Rah Kumar as he has an indisputable potential and motivation for graduate studies. I have known Mr.. Rah Kumar since 2008. During his coursework in department of electronic and telecommunication engineering and Management I had the opportunity to closely interact with him in the semesters that I have taught him. This has convinced me that he is very genuine in pursuit of his academic excellence. His Final year Project on Room light Controller and Wireless Camera Security System as a talk among the staff members.

While discussing the concepts of his project work he has been very impressive. He has shown excellent capability to understand technical papers, implement those ideas and work indefatigably on the modules undertaken thus far. Academically he is an intelligent and hardworking student, which is clearly reflected in the excellent marks that he has consistently achieved. He was my student for the His performance in these courses has been courses superior,impressing me with his commitment to learn and think innovative.

Rah has always been an all-rounder be it Academically or Co-curricular activities and has always excelled in them. Rah is a student of high moral and ethical standards. I am sure he will put forth all his effort into any task that he confronts. By providing him a postgraduate program in your college you will not only give him an opportunity for career growth but also help his achievements to culminate. I recommend him for postgraduate studies and deserving financial assistance. I feel that his academic proficiency and potential for research make him one of the truly outstanding candidates I have come across.

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