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Quality International Textile Group is a diverse, innovative provider of global textile solutions and distinguished fabric brands to automotive, apparel, interior furnishing and industrial markets worldwide.

While excellence is the common thread that weaves throughout Quality International Textile, it is the uniquely combined threads of a global manufacturing platform, innovative products, state-of-the-art systems, and a dynamic team of forward-thinking professionals that create unparalleled opportunities and competitive advantages for our customer partners. Quality improvement involves identifying discrepancies within organizational processes that may not run as effectively as possible. Many organizations find that a process is adequate for a time, but could function more effectively with some tweaking.

An organization that strives for quality helps create an atmosphere based on teamwork and ensures that the entire organization will contribute to meeting the company’s ultimate goals. An effective evaluation process helps manage employees, offer suggestions, and a chance to set their career goals. The evaluation of an employee should have a positive influence on each individual employee regardless of the outcome. A major determinant of service quality centers on the people providing the service. Employee selection, training, motivation, supervision, and reward-all process relating to employees have a significant impact on quality. Burrill, 1999) Currently, there is no particular standardization for the process. Each manager evaluation process differs from another. Below is an “as is” flow chart of the current evaluation process that need to be analyzed. The description of the process is extremely limited because currently there is no strategic plan in place within the entire process. Form the period that the self- evaluation is initiated until the time the management evaluates the employee can range any where from 1 month until one year. There is also no set timeframe when management discuses the employee evaluation until the time a pay increase is initiated.

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All raised vary from one manager to another, and there is no particular percentage set for pay increases regardless of the evaluation outcome. Therefore, there is no relation of the process to the organization’s strategic plan. This process of improvement would benefit the employee; it would also benefit customers, and the company as a whole. Effective quality management for an evaluation process would lead to higher productivity because employees would know and understand that their yearly salary increase would depend on their performance therefore, timely and systematic resolution of evaluations/ appraisals is important.

An effective performance appraisal process would help the quality culture within the organization because employees would feel that their performance is significant to the company and its goals. Customers within the organization that are affected are office and field employees, suppliers, and customer. Initially a customer does not know if the service provided is good or bad, but an inefficient process for serving the customer can create a dad impression. The Fabric industry experiences the same business malfunctions as other companies.

Therefore, the fabric industry should adapt the methods and ideas as other companies but many still have not adopted the Total Quality Management process. Those are the companies that will most likely experience increasing competition, rising legal cost related to cost overruns and schedule delays, and decreasing profit margins. (Cotinas, 1999). Several steps can be taken to ensure that metrics motivate process behaviors that increase customer value. The first is to identify and prioritize the customers served by the process. (Burrill, 1999).

Although the process of employee evaluations does not directly involve customer service, it does have an effect on customers receiving services from the company’s employees. To hire an HR manager to perform create and perform appraisals to better adhere to each employees qualifications would be a great way to implement a change. The cause-and-effect diagram is a method for analyzing a process. The diagram’s purpose is to relate causes and effects. The cause and effect diagram can become complex and make it difficult to identify the problem, but it would be well worth it.

If other all employees are allowed to help identify problems relating to the situation and provide a chronological view, that would be just what the company needed for restructuring of the company’s quality culture. Improvement process can vary and there are many tools to help organizations implement change. Seeking ideas and opinions from employees is one of the best techniques to identify whether or not any changes are necessary.


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