Recommendation Report : Progress on Construction

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As requested, we are sending you the second monthly progress report on the developments of the construction of Paintball Unlimited 2. After overcoming some initial problems, we are making good progress on the construction of our new premise in Lot 25, Jusco Ipoh.

Past Progress

During the past two months, we firstly finalized the estimated budget of our new project, the construction of Paintball Unlimited 2 at Lot 25, Jusco Ipoh. The estimated budget is at RM2. 0 - RM2. 5 million. We managed to secure the zoning approval to open up the premise. On confirming the location of the new premise, Lot 25 in Jusco Ipoh, which covers an area of 30,000 sq ft, we secured a two-year contract for the lease of the premise which will cost us RM240, 000 and will be paid in monthly installments of RM10, 000.

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Next, we hired Flooring Pte Ltd to construct the flooring required for the different sections of our premise. Painters Pte Ltd was then hired to repaint the premise as the old paint coat was peeling. The lighting for our indoor arena was contracted to Lighting Pte Ltd. However there was a three-week delay in the installation of the wall lighting which led to a delay in the painting of certain sections of the walls. We also ordered 5 thousand T-shirts, caps and key chains each, designed by Nickly Pte Ltd. as a paintball keepsake.

Current Progress

We have started on the construction of the 4 sections of our arena which will be called ‘Desert Storm’, ‘Boggy Swamp’, ‘Jungle Safari’ and ‘Night Ops’. These names reflect the environment that customers will be playing in. It will be done up in such a way that it will simulate the actual conditions of the places mentioned. Desert Storm Progress on this section has been halted due to some unexpected delays. The design for this section includes obstacles such as statues of camels and 3 tons of sand for sand dunes, all of which we received before the due date.

We are also constructing a mini swimming pool that will be done up to resemble an oasis. However, the delay was in the procuring of the artificial cacti. This is because the company we ordered the products from is currently facing a law suit to which the outcome is uncertain to us. Besides that, the blower we ordered from General Electric to create sandstorms is currently out of stock and the company was unable to confirm a delivery date. Therefore, further completion of this section is currently being put on hold and progress on the other 3 sections of the arena has begun.

Boggy Swamp

Progress on this section of the arena is going smoothly. The fittings and the equipment such as the artificial mud, plastic mangrove trees and animals, plus other similar objects have arrived and are currently being installed. We are also in talks with the manufacturer of those products to see if we can obtain its latest product which is a type of clay which releases an odour similar to that of a swamp to enhance the experience for future customers. However, we are not able to estimate the cost of the product and therefore do not know whether it will be within our budget.

Jungle Safari

Progress on this section of the arena has faced some difficulties. Some of the products that we have purchased for this section have been found to be defective. For example, the plastic trees that we have ordered been found to have large cracks in the structures and look very flimsy. Therefore, we have doubts on whether it will be able to withstand the impact of the shots from the paintball guns. We have brought up this issue to the manufacturer but have been unsuccessful in obtaining a response from them. Besides that, some of the construction workers have been absent for a few days, slowing down the completion of this section.

The contractor has projected a delay of up to two weeks due to this problem. However, he has been unable to provide a reason as to why his workers have not been turning up for work. Night Ops Progress on this section of the arena has encountered no problems thus far. The construction of the pillars and structures has been going according to plan and this section should be completed on time. However, there is a suggestion from the interior decorator to apply fluorescent paint on the obstacles and portions of the wall to make it more attractive and increase its appeal to potential customers.

We feel it is a good suggestion and have contacted our appraiser to check if it is within our budget. Overall progress has been relatively smooth. The installation of air conditioners for the whole premise is going according to plan and is expected to be completed on time. The audio visual system that we are currently installing is also on schedule. However, there have been some unexpected increases in the prices of some of the equipment for the audio system, causing an increase in our overall cost and this will affect our estimated budget.

Advertising of Our Project We are currently aggressively advertising the opening of the new paintball arena. Among the methods we are using are advertising through The Star newspaper. Our advertisement will start on December 3rd 2011 and will run daily for 6 weeks. We have contacted advertising experts from Advert Pte Ltd to design the advertisement for us and the design they showed us was more than satisfactory, thus we have chosen to use their sample. Besides that, we have assigned one of our employees to open up an official Facebook page for our project.

It is currently being worked on and we have yet to see the final result. We have also contacted Dewan Bandaraya Ipoh to put up billboards for us at the Stadium roundabout and the Hospital roundabout for 6 months starting from December 1st 2011 to June 1st 2012. Besides that, we also contacted Voxel to put up an advertisement for us on their digital billboards to run concurrently with our others billboard advertisements. We feel that these locations are very strategic as a lot of people pass these areas. The design for the billboard is also under the same team that is designing our newspaper advertisement.

However, they have yet to submit a design for us to review. Besides that, Jusco has agreed to include an announcement on the opening of our new arena in its monthly catalogue. Future Progress In the future, we plan to hire several employees to manage our completed arena.

We have decided on :

  • Supervisor (1 person)
  • Counter staff (2 persons)
  • Instructors ( 4 persons)
  • Referees ( 4 persons)
  • First Aiders ( 2 persons)
  • Cleaners (5 persons)

As for the instructors and referees, we plan to send them for training should their knowledge on the subject of paintball be insufficient.

We also plan to purchase the equipment needed for our arena. (Refer to appendix). The actual number of units will be decided on at a future date. Besides that, we are going to follow up on all the problems that have occurred in the construction of the site and make sure they are rectified. Once we are near completion, we will be able to provide an official launching date and send the company an estimate of our 1st year’s profit. We will also design a vision and mission statement for our arena based on the values of our company.


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