Describe the Type of Business, Its Purpose and Ownership

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Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses. I will be speaking about two organisations the first organisation I have decided to discuss is ASDA and I will follow it of by McDonald's as the second organisation. Asda is a Public company and is a British supermarket chain which supplies various services to the customers such as: Clothing, Food, and General Merchandise etc. It has become a multi-national store leading of its subsidiary of Wal-Mart which is American based. It is quite a large business and has approx 231+ superstores within the UK, and the number of store openings is still arising.

The purpose of ASDA is to sell its services and goods to the local consumers of different areas/cities within the UK and also out of the UK. It offers a wide range of services to its customers, supplying goods such as: clothing and food it is a quite a commonly known organisation. Asda is concerned in attracting the budget market as any other business would look into the same type of aim, as a business it is achieving massively in result to the number of stores and the investment into Netto which was brought by Asda in 2010.

The ownership of Asda is a PLC (Public Limited Company) this is because its shares can be brought on the share market making it a PLC. The purpose of Asda is that they exist to gain profit, the openings of more stores is to gain sales and so that more customers come into their business etc. As my second organisation I have decided to discuss about McDonalds, it is the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurant. The business began in 1940 the Headquarters are based in the United States and the corporation was founded by a businessman.

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In 2003 the company had launched the “I’m Lovin It” campaign. The purpose of the business is to serve its customers with the excellent quality of food that they provide. It is a worldwide company and has over 33,000 stores in approx 118 different countries, and serves about 64 million daily. The number of worldwide employees for McDonalds is 1. 7 million, and the chief executive director for McDonald’s is Jim Skinner.

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