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Utilizing the variety of office equipment as a means of facilitating the organization of the department. Participating in workshops to improve my ability to maintain the highest level of professionalism within the organization. Delivering five hours of instruction and spending three additional hours on performing research and implementing preparation methods to help officials gain a better understanding of the language. New Neighbors Education Center Alexandria, VA From: Oct. 2007 – Mar. 2008 Position: Executive Assistant

Maintained files, updated company’s website and database, and proofread correspondence; created electronic file system with a simplified interface and ease of access; assisted the Director and members of Board in the performance of daily tasks. Managed the major donors’ mailing list, the drafting and issuing of thank you letters and the conduction of research for program development. Supervised office assistants, including those working to perform the duties of mailing, database entry, payroll, supply orders, budgeting and other financial tasks U. S.

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Department of State National Foreign Affairs Training Center Arlington, VA From: Jan 2006 – Sept 2007 Position: Culture Instructor and Curriculum Developer Trained U. S. Foreign Service embassy personnel in the areas of language and culture; personnel included ambassadors and other United States officials assigned to Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo. Developed strategic methods for teaching language and culture for augmentation of the existing curriculum Berlitz Language Services Vienna, VA From: Jan 2003 – Dec 2005 Position: Administrative Assistant/Sales Agent

Represented Berlitz Language Services as a salesperson at organized conferences, meetings with clients for the purpose of developing marketing and short-term and/or long-term language program promotional deals; managed a front office and administered secretarial support to the Director and sales staff Paul’s Wholesale Co. Washington DC From: Jan 2001 – Dec 2002 Position: Administrative Assistant Managed the processing, filing, shipping and follow-up procedures connected with customers’ orders, maintaining an effective administrative system. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Shkoder, Albania From: Sept 1999 - Nov 2000 Position: Office Manager Monitored IRC projects of rehabilitated refugee impacted sites and services, ensuring their availability and readiness to handle the many Kosovo refugees. Facilitated and mediated numerous meetings and workshops with the Mayor’s office, community leaders, NGOs and other entities involved in political, social or humanitarian projects. Worked closely with refugee organizations to obtain a list of hosts from contacts in foreign NGOs in Albania, allowing for the timely completion of the $500 thousand rehabilitation project.

Managed the daily office tasks; monitored and coordinated project procurement and logistics; coordinated and conducted interviewing and hiring of personnel. ECOM / MALTESER Shkoder, Albania From: Nov 1998 – Aug 1999 Position: Administrative Assistant Assisted and supported Kosovo refugees in Albania, resulting in a smooth transition of the refugees to their own country; administered the logistics and distribution of medication and other matter to minister to the needs of the refugees. Provided interpretive services and assisted in refugee cases that needed immediate attention. Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) May 1998 – Nov 1998

Tirana, Albania Assistant to the Director, Secretary, and Logistician Managed a busy office schedule, which extended to the coordination of travel logistics; conducted trainings in particular fields of expertise; formulated data collection instruments, such as surveys and questionnaires, to facilitate research into many aspects of the political situation of the region Aided the efforts of a team dedicated to reviewing laws and advising local Albanian government entities concerning humanitarian activities; provided support and research information for weekly security briefings on the latest developments in the country and the neighboring ones.

REFERENCES: Supervisors may be contacted and other professional references are available upon request KSA’S: PROGRAM ANALYST/PROGRAM SPECIALIST/CONTRACT SPECIALIST Knowledge My graduate level training in Government, Law and Public Policy has given me a vast array of theoretical knowledge concerning the legal and functional aspects of the government and its policies. My knowledge and experience has also extended to the area of performing legal research in foreign countries and the administration of duties related to the management of refugees.

Having had several years of experience as an assistant to the director and other executives, I have garnered comprehensive knowledge of the areas of business administration concerned with budgeting and logistics. I have also been exposed to the formulation of research instruments such as questionnaires and surveys that have aided in the collection of citizen data. I am also thoroughly familiar with Albanian language and culture, having served for more than two years within three humanitarian organizations in Albania.

I understand the methods connected with training high officials in the use of language and the understanding of culture within foreign countries. I also have knowledge of the procedures and practices connected with operation within Federal Offices of the United States Government. This includes an understanding of the emergency management procedures necessary in times of disaster or distress. Finally, I have technical knowledge of several computer applications used for word processing, graphic manipulation, data entry, and data mining.

Skills My administrative skills have been demonstrated by the many administrative positions I have held. They have been utilized during the period I spent in Albania, when I was in charge of performing essential office duties, as well as procurement and other logistic procedures. I am also highly skilled in the use of both English and Albanian. In Shkoder, Albania, I demonstrated the skill of monitoring IRC projects, which were instituted for the proper handling of the onslaught of Kosovo refugees.

I am also skilled in mediation with government and other official organizations within foreign countries, as I was in charge of facilitating a number of meetings among the Mayor’s office, NGO’s and leaders within the community. I have also acted as an interpreter between Kosovo refugees and Albanian/American personnel, and I have been exposed to the performance and translation of legal research in the Albanian environment. Furthermore, I have worked within the U. S. Department of State National Foreign Affairs Training Center, gaining hands-on experience teaching the language and culture of Albania to the American personnel.

I have also had experience and the chance to portray skill in conducting administrative business in the private sector. Abilities As a person who has been exposed to business administration and communication at the diplomatic level, I have the ability to communicate well with government officials and other members of staff within any organization. I am able to perform duties related to human resource management and development, as I have trained high level officials in the proper performance of their duties in the Albanian environment.

I work very well under pressure, as has been exemplified by my performance to a high level of effectiveness in the political climate of Eastern Europe. I am also well able to perform the administrative functions related to program analysis, as I am adept in the handling of file maintenance (including electronic files), website/database updating, payroll, and mailings. I am also able to draft correspondence, manage budgets and perform the duties related to procurement and supply/inventory management.

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