Customers’ attitudes towards the product

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Different customers have shown different attitudes towards some products. Hence organizations should place customers’ needs and satisfaction in consideration when producing a given product. It has also to focus on competitors’ side toward the product it’s trying to produce. In trying to come up with a well customer orientation towards the product a sales person should try to figure out which will be the most helpful to the customer. Customer attitude will tend to develop towards a given product depending on the benefits derived from those particular products.

For instance a customer may develop a positive attitude towards Fair and Lovely, Chinese product brand. Knowing very well that we have so many facial creams at the market for instance Gold Touch in that market but you will find that customer just has a liking towards fair and lovely. Changing belief about the product Fairy and lovely has been liked by some customer in various continents while others have developed a negative attitude towards it. Hence for the company producing this product has really come up with so many promotional activities to win customers attitude hence widen their market in that product.

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Some customers have had a belief that frequent use of fair and love creates pimples on the face yet it’s meant to smoothen the face. This has made them not to like the product. With the hatred of this product by some customers the firm producing fair and lovely has come up with a strategy on how to change this belief. One of the strategy has been to come up with new features on the packaging and while advertising. This new features tend to appeal to some customers who discard their previous attitudes hence start liking the product.

Sales people of this product have trained on how market the product so that the customers can really see that this is indeed a new product. The changing of features of fair and lovely is a good marketing strategy since the previous ones could appear to be monotonous. In the advertisement fair and lovely company have added the word ‘’New’’ hence making the product to appear as if it’s indeed a new product on the market. This has totally changed the customers’ attitudes about the product hence trying to widen it market.

By involving things like ‘’make to appear as that of the baby’’ has also been a contributory factor towards the changing attitude of the customers since majority will tend to associate with the product so that their face can really be smooth. Changing belief about the competitive products. With the existing marketing strategy of fair and lovely, competitive products have been unable to challenge this product. For instance Gold Touch Cream which is the main competitor on the market has not been able to challenge the fair and lovely.

And with the improved feature of fair and lovely Gold Touch has not been able to march them. This has drawn a large number of customers towards it with a belief that it’s the real product expected. Relative evaluation of attributes The attributes of the sales should be appealing towards the customer of their products. This will contribute to the marketing of their product more effectively. In most countries the implementation of marketing strategy perspective should be done on a country by country basis because it’s considered that what works for one locale may not necessarily succeed in another.

In China the specific steps of marketing approach of fair and lovely is often dictated by the overall strategic plan which in turn is based heavily on marketing analysis done globally. In most occasion Chinese have used marketing analysis to meet customer needs. Over some years back China have spent millions of dollars to build dealer, supplier, and service support network in United States and most parts of Europe. Chinese manufacturers work hard to offer first class fair and lovely product and produce quality products that meets the international standards.

Chinese themselves also provide a good example of how the marketing process works of fair and lovely, for instance their firms have followed a strategy of first building their market share at home and driving out imported goods. Then the firm moves out into a newly established market in the developing countries. Later, the firm can now move fully to developed countries ready to compete with the best available firms. This structure of implementing strategy has been used in marketing it’s the fair and lovely product brand sina. com.

Finally China has gone to invest fair and lovely product in developed and developing countries because its market is small and also to build international image of its products. The implementation of fair and lovely marketing strategy of China in the international arena is built around the well known ''four Ps'' of marketing; promotion, product, price and place. As noted earlier, Chinese firms often develop and sell the product in the local market before expanding to major overseas targets. In the case the product is made to meet the overseas market demand the process will seem to be more direct.

Price has been seen to be the function of market demand, for instance China has found that U. S. market is price sensitive hence by introducing lower price products, china has been able to make a progress especially in its products. The remaining two Ps; promotion and place are most of the time controlled by local conditions and often left in the hands of the hands of those operating subsidiaries. Local management may implement customer sales incentives or make arrangements and salespeople who are helping to make the product locally.

Fair and lovely production Despite the fact that marketing of fair and lovely usually dominates strategy implementation, the production function of this product also plays a role. If companies producing fair and lovely are going to export this product to foreign market the production process traditionally has been developed through domestic operations. In recent years china has found that whether they are exporting or producing the goods locally in the host country, consideration of the worldwide production is more important.

For instance some fair and lovely product may be produced in foreign countries for export to other nations. In some cases china has produced components which are shipped for assembly in other countries. In the production of labor intensive products Chinese have been able to farm the product out to low cost sites such as Brazil, Taiwan and parts of Africa, where the cost of labor is relatively low and the infrastructures is sufficient to support production.

This kind of operation has seen china advance in its international business with other nations all over the world. Hence some of the cost that could have been incurred on production can be diverted to marketing of this product. References 1. Lardy, N. and Brown, G. (2000) Marketing Products, Washington DC: Brookings. 2. Naughton, B. (1996), Marketing, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 3. Mattson, E. (2000), The Changing marketing strategies of products, New York: Sharpe. 4. Korzec, M. (1998) Marketing of China products, London: Macmillan.

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