Current and Potential Competitors

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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The DC United website was developed with the singular goal of increasing the marketing fan base of the DC United Team. As such, this segment will highlight the four main challenges for the DC United Team is such aspect. The main competitor of the DC United team is the European Football League. While the DC United team enjoys a large fan base in the United States, the overall interest in MLS is not as high as the European clubs and leagues. There are still more overseas and local fans who would prefer European leagues and teams.

At present, the lead is still with the UEFA Cup teams who enjoy majority share of the football market. The potential competitor lies in the other MLS teams as well as local sports teams within the area and the state. The success of DC United is borne out of the fact that there are few other teams to compete with and the local sports teams are not performing so admirably. This generates a captured market for them that they must develop in order to maintain industry lead. Marketing Position and Specialties

The unique market position of DC United is brought about by the fact that they are a successful MLS team and have no other direct competition in the area. The lack of other successful teams within the area gives DC United a marketing lead that can be exploited. The growing interest in the sport in the United States also gives it an advantage Projected and Historical Timeline for Industry The MLS promises to expand each year with attendance for most of the teams expected to rise with the addition of new stars and more media coverage.

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In the 13 years of its existence, the MLS has maintained a loyal fan base and has also implemented community outreach programs that have only solidified its hold over its fans and continues to draw new ones. Overview of the Industry The MLS industry has a captured market in the United States due to the lack of football alternatives. With it ever growing fan base, the MLS industry has generated millions of dollars in revenues. It has also increased media and merchandise sales over the last five years.

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