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You may encounter business situations that require using an interpreter (for spoken communication) or a translator (for written communication). Interpreters and translators can be expensive, but skilled professionals provide Invaluable assistance for communicating in other cultural contexts. 60 Keeping up with current language usage in a given country or culture is also critical in order to avoid embarrassing blunders.

For example, the marketing agency Landlord Associates usually engages three native-language speakers to review translated materials to make sure the ensue of the message is compatible with current usage and slang in a given country. 61 Some companies use back-translation to ensure accuracy. Once a translator encodes a message Into another language, a dif rent translator retranslate the same message into the original language.

The is back-translation is then compared with the original message to discover any errors or discrepancies. The e time and cost required for professional translation has encouraged the development of machine translation , any form of computerized intelligence used to translate one language to another. Dedicated soft ware tools and online services such as Worldly ( www. Worldly. Com ) off ere various forms of automated translation. Major search engines let you request translated versions of the websites you FL ND.

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Although none of these tools can translate as well as human translators, they can be quite useful with individual words and short phrases, and they can oft en give you the overall gist of a message. Everyone can contribute to successful intercultural communication. Whether a younger person Is unaccustomed to the formalities of a large corporation or a league from another country Is working on a team with you, look for opportunities to help people if t in and adapt their communication style.

For example, if a nonnative English speaker is making mistakes that could hurt his or her credibility, you can off ere advice on the appropriate words and phrases to use. Most language learners truly appreciate this sort of assistance, as long as it is off red in a respectful manner. Moreover, chances are that while you're helping, you'll learn something about the other person's culture and language, too. You can also take steps to simplify the immunization process.

For instance, oral communication in a second language is usually more differ cult than written forms of communication, so instead of asking a foreign colleague to provide information in a conference call, you could ask for a written response instead of or in addition to the live conversation. For a brief summary of ideas to Improve intercultural communication in the workplace, see "Checklist: Improving Intercultural Communication Skills. " For additional Information on communicating Intercultural Communication: Speaking with Multiple-

Language Audiences; Media Skills: Podiatrist [LO-5] , Chapter 7 Your company was one of the FL rest to use podiatrist as a business communication tool. Executives frequently and post them on the company's intranet site; employees from the 14 off cues in Europe, Asia, and North America then download the FL less to their music players or other devices and listen to the messages while riding the train to work, eating lunch at their desks, and so on. Your boss asks you to draft the opening statement for a potash that will announce a revenue drop caused by intensive competitive pressure.

She reviews your script and hands it back with a gentle explanation that it needs to be revised for international listeners. Improve the following statement in as many ways as you can: Howdy, comrades. Shouldn't surprise anyone that we took a beating this year, given the insane pricing moves our have been making. I mean, how those clowns can keep turning a proof t is beyond me, what with steel costs still going through the roof and labor costs heating up-?even in countries where everybody goes to FL ND cheap labor-?and hazardous waste disposal ergs adding to operating costs, too.

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