Concept of Market Segmentation

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Levis Strauss considers about how many budgets they will spend for fixing up a building as making it more unique design, fully atmosphere new, tidy, attractive, fashionable, and colourful and variety of products. Those make a new image for customers, who would like to entry their company. In marketing mix in 4ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion Product: in product, Levis Strauss can use the traditional cotton to make jeans, jacket, short and t-shirt they can even use other colour too, they can attain more customer to try buying a new products.


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The average price jeans in Levis Strauss costs 30-40 pounds, they can even grow up the price of some jeans which is the best quality and reasonable, because some teenagers would like to buy a jean which is fashionable in this generation. Place: Levis Strauss is a big company, it supposes to have more capital to build a new store, where is in city centre, department store or central London. Those have more customers with diffidence ages or nationality in UK, who would like to look around the town.


Levis Strauss can even provide advertisement such as TV show, Fashion show, Fashion magazine discount for new products in new season like Christmas, Eastern holiday. Customers: company can consider about the background of customers, In Asia, each worker are at least working around 55 hours per week, it means that fast-food is suitable for them, which is saving times , it is possible to get more profit in the market. Technological Factors: Facilities: Fast-food Company can use the latest facilities to recover the times of producing.

Detail of Products

Customers can visit their website, which gets the latest products by the Internet.  Improvement: Keep improving products with speed of technology and providing a fast- food with good quality are their aim to satisfy each customer in this generation. Legal: Employment: the employment laws protect employees salary, labour holidays, insurance, compensation etc, so that company has to give a contract for each worker, which makes sure company will not be against the law with government.

Marketing mix defines four elements; it has product, price, place and promotion. In coming Christmas holidays, Fast-food Company can provide some meals, which are suitable for promoting western cultural style in UK such as box meal, special offer for child meal with toys and refuel soft drinks etc.

Furthermore, company can increase the price of products with Christmas gift, so that customer would like to spend more money for celebration.  They can also create some games or competition for customers , which is attract more customers to apply it , Fast food company can get more benefits by enrolment from customer and increase the brand name in the society.  Using cartoons promotion attracts kids to buy their products, because Kids like colourful things. It attracts more parents to buy their product, which satisfies their son or daughter need.

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