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Employee Assistance Program

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is defined as “an employment-based health service program designed to assist in the identification and resolution of a broad range of employee personal concerns that may affect job performance. These programs deal with situations such as substance abuse, marital problems, family troubles, stress and domestic violence, as well as health education and disease prevention. The assistance may be provided within the organization or by referral to outside resources” (Boston College, n. d. ). The Employee Assistance Program involves a wide range of services that employees could benefit from.

EAP is indeed beneficial for employees and this is proven by two cases that happened to a member of my family and my friend. My aunt was having problems her husband and this usual result in violent fights. She is greatly affected by this problem to the point that she is forgetting her responsibilities at work. As such, she was able to address this marital problem that she is having through EAP that provided marriage counseling. Similarly, a friend of mine used to have alcohol addiction that tends to affect his work performance. As a result, he was able to undergo a rehabilitation program through EAP.

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Workplace violence includes a wide range of acts of violence that are committed by employees, clients, customers, relatives, acquaintances or strangers against employees in the workplace. Domestic Violence and Intimidation are among the cases that are recognized as under workplace violence. Domestic Violence is the practice of abusive or violent behavior that includes threats and intimidation between two people that are involve in an on going or prior intimate relationship. Intimidation consists of stalking or engaging in actions that are intended to frighten, coerce or induce force (Fayetteville State University, 2008).

The incidents of Domestic Violence and Intimidation could be prevented from occurring through the help of EAP. The role of EAP in preventing domestic violence and intimidation consists of providing comprehensive and substantial consultation to the organization that would guide them to design and implement the most appropriate workplace program for domestic violence and intimidation. This plan will define the scope and services of that are available to the victims and even perpetrators of such violence that will assure them that help is available.

EAPs could also help in conducting trainings that would focus on the area of abuse that is related to domestic violence and intimidation. Furthermore, the EAP could also work hand-in-hand with the management of the company in order to create a list of resources and strategies that could be applied in order to prevent a workplace violence crisis. The EAP could also help the company establishing policies and conducting educational seminars about domestic violence and intimidation. By doing so, they could be able to prevent and address these kinds of violence in the workplace (Behavioral Health Management, 2005).

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