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Clothes and Fashion

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A woman speak with a man about fashion and clothes. The man says than the fashion is a invention from clothes factories. The woman says that the fashion is necessary to people feel well The man prefers to wear the same clothes rye day The woman feel better when she wear a beautiful suit, and in each situation you must wear a different clothes. The man things different clothes distinguish between poor people and rich people. I'm going to talk about clothes and fashion. There are two aspects which I want to highlight: the comfort and the appearance.

The comfort is the main purpose of dress because the human race began to wear clothes when went out from the hot Africa and spreader over the World and colonized cold lands. They used lots of materials to do their dresses but in the beginning with the only objective that warm the body. On the other hand clothes has a mission, it is to show the personality, the humor, the owner to a certain social status or collective. For instance the uniform of the police, the robe of lawyers, prosecutor or Judges, or the Army. These are very import to distinguish or discriminate this people from others.

When you are going to a party you must put on clothes different than you dress when you are working. The more happy you are the better clothed you wear. We used to wear dark clothes in funerals. If you had to facing in your work you should wear a suit. If you were a politician or a famous person you should dress up everyday well cause you could have a photo taken. I regretted very much don't have known dress up in a very important situation when a was a young girl I had gone to a party but I didn't liked to go there, I wearing a awful suit because my friends persuaded me to go there, and I didn't want.

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Clothes and Fashion

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When the party began to be boring, I was thinking going home, suddenly a stunning boy appeared, he was wearing a denim trousers, a beautiful blue cotton shirt with a denim collar ND he was tall and handsome; he seemed very kind with his friends but I couldn't to approach him because I was wearing a awful loadstone's suit from the times of my mother, I felt very angry with me, I thought "it is impossible that this person look at me".

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