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The power of the internet has catapulted the information boom among different societies since its emancipation. Its capabilities and power has shifted the realm of information access and potentials not only to several professionals but also to ordinary individuals. With this, such power has been affecting different practices and ideas that are often emanate direct and/or indirect outcomes. As information becomes more and more open to the public, the

The book of Lewiss entitled ‘Next’ seeks to cater the unexpected occurrences and events that the Internet boom has created in societies. Such idea can be associated and compared to the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. With such book and Han’s Christian Anderson’s short story, several overlapping ideas can be observed and seen.

One is that there are instances of the relevant and current situations that are taken advantage by people due to society’s tolerance to such actions. (Yourdon, p.1) argues that “Lewis is obviously aware of the collapse of the dot-com stock market, and the backlash caused by that collapse; indeed, he argues that many of us have become so jaded and cynical that we're missing the deeper and long-lasting impact of the Internet.” Such idea also applies in the other story wherein citizens know that the emperor is addicted to changing his clothes every time and tolerates such idea.

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Commenting on this overlapping situation, it can be argued that no good true idea or scene lasts forever. Every action or situation has their corresponding loopholes that will take its toll in the future. Yes, there are positive benefits of these ideas in the promotion of something important however; there will come a time that such actions and ideas will become weak or vulnerable to different attacks left and right. Such issues have been elaborated by Lewis in his book and at the same time the two scoundrels who took advantage of the emperor’s addiction to clothes.  There must be continuous improvements and changes so as to prevent such things from happening.

On the other hand, there seems to be a difference between the two. Since the introduction of the internet, it has become a necessity among individuals. This continuously applies up to now, as societies become more and more connected. The possibility of changes in this area remains to be difficult due to societies continued tolerance and dependency on the internet.

The quote of Lewiss clearly shows the how society and individuals are willing to sacrifice and tolerate the status quo for the sake of increased convenience since the introduction of the information boom – the internet. The examples of Lewiss clearly showcase the ‘termites’ he is referring to. The internet had served its purpose of providing sufficient and added information with relative convenience among users.

However, the unexpected consequences and subculture it creates often create discrepancies within the core of why it was created after all. These unexpected outcomes, instead of being reprimanded and stopped are being tolerated by society itself on the justification of freedom. It may be the case that people especially the older generations have underestimated the power that the Internet shall create in the future.

Yes, the intention and objectives were in-line to the positive aspects. However, the younger generations are using it as a tool to further their cause which most of the time connotes something extraordinary or ‘radical’ in such manner. The most probable solution to such dilemma is creating and digging deep into the very foundations of why it was created in the first place. Then propose solutions that can help the process without compromising convenience brought about by the Internet.

To conclude, the Internet and information boom has created several unexpected outcomes that in a way society tolerates. There must a consensus among different groups and societies in combating this issue. The internet was meant to be used in such a way that it will create convenience among individuals. It might be good sticking to that objective and nothing else.

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