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CIS Review Questions

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Describe the functional organizational structure. Why do you think this structure Is so widely used? The organizational structure Is composed of different departments that help operate the business, such as, purchasing, operations, warehouse, sales and marketing, accounting, research and development, finance and accounting, human resource, and information technology. I look at Direct Relief International when they need supplies they use the SAP website to track everything they need. Most of their material is available for anyone to see what they need, where it's going to, and the amount of supplies on hand.

Most retail companies use the same process when ordering, or for payroll, they might have a different name for it. To me working in the retail business I think it helps the company out by seeing what the customers are wanting, they can tell if a particular item is not selling base off the cost and other factors. For example Skullcap's CEO (Rick Alden) said he doesn't need an IT department and for their Accounting they utilize what SAP has put In place.

What Is the silo effect? Why does It exist? What problems does It create? How can an organization reduce or eliminate the silo effect? The silo effect is when one person completes a specific part of their work and sends it off to someone else who does their particular part. I think the silo effect exists because it coordinates functions and Job duties in deferent functional areas. Most companies using the silo effect tend to lose lots of money and can affect customers If the communication process In not there. For example the Classically company takes employees out to clear their mind and create Ideas.

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Most companies have people who are stuck In their ways and believe the world Is never changing. I would love to e companies use the functional organizational structure such as every each department has to know what is going on from the lower level to the higher level of staff. Everyone in the department should be on the same task so that if someone in your department passes alone his or her work to you, if any mistakes are made someone can catch it and send it back to that person, or have the option to correct the error. What is a business process? Why is adopting a process view of organizations essential to becoming a successful manager? A business process consists of different level of tasks that have to be completed In order for you to receive an outcome, which could be your order. I figured each functional area going through a unique process in order for that order to get the best pharmacist order supplies from Direct Relief International it's a business process that each item goes through in order to have the best outcome.

Step one might be the doctor ordering the material, the second step is locating the material in the warehouse, the third level is placing the items where it's going, and the final would be the shipping status of the products. Briefly describe the key business processes included in this chapter in terms of. Their key steps. The key process are processes that have an impact on the success of an organization, processes deliver results that are directed towards measurable business goals, and making sure that the organization remains competitive like Global Bike Inc.

The procurement process is where the items are being planned you can order your products online or by calling and then making sure that the accounting or finance department has no issues. The production process is simply like the companies stated earlier sometimes they make the products or go and locate the product in the arouses where the items are located to be shipped. The final process is making sure that the customer has a tracking number and making sure that the order has been fulfilled.

The lifestyle data management process is when Global Bike Inc. Creates a particular design for a customer and hopefully discontinues it unless someone else has the same idea. The material planning process is when statistic data plays a role in the organization finding out what people are looking for an interested in. The inventory process is where the material is stored and ready for shipping. Explain the interrelationships among the key processes included in this 5.  Why are these interrelationships important?

The procurement when Direct Relief International has orders being placed they will go to they will scan and locate the product location. Next they will get a purchase order to accounting so that accounting will send invoices once payment is received. The next step is to the production stage goes to the warehouse and back to the production. Finally, the order is in the fulfillment stage where sales create the order and the warehouse ships the order, and then accounting receives payment from the customer.

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