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Rischard Review Questions

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The second force, new world economy, raises emergence because businesses are now crossing borders and becoming more mobile... Mom of them global. With resources moving around much more, the infrastructure needs to be updated to accommodate theses leaps. Additionally, policies and laws need to be overhauled to ensure that these organizations are playing fairly, paying the appropriate taxes, etc. 2. Why is the new world economy so radically deferent from the old world economy? The new world economy is an environment where Information and resources can Instantly p the globe with the touch of a button.

The old world economy, by contrast, was a much slower place to conduct business. These days, much more work an be accomplished in the same amount of time. With computers to assist with calculations, data storage, sharing and transfer, as well as advancements in transportation, Including cars to get people to their destinations faster, trucks, planes and ships to transport goods, the new world economy moves at a much faster pace than was possible before. 3. What does Railcars mean by a crisis of complexity?

Is our traditional reliance on reductionism science adequate for dealing with complexity? Explain. We have more data than before but less ways to use it. We wind up with less causal data allowing or cause and effect. As the world population grows and the new world economy adds more and more layers by way of technology advancements and globalization, the need for additional economic, social, political and environmental resources and regulations becomes more essential. 4. Describe the two big forces gap and why they are problematic.

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As the population grows and technology and economy evolves, we are more and more in need of solutions to the problems that we already have. The new world economy and populations keep advancing at alarming rates but the solutions to our robbers are moving along at a snail's pace. The gap between these two forces keeps widening more and more and without participation on a global scale, the problems will continue to get worse and worse. 5. What are the three new realities Influencing human Institutions? Tell how they are Influential.

Hierarchy to Networks - In a hierarchy, there Is one individual making decisions. Information must be passed down through a chain of individuals, who all 1 OFF person on top is not the subject matter expert. Networks use a more flat method, where individuals or units can make decisions at lower levels, saving time and sources. The Struggling Nation State - The nation state is a structure where the political, environmental and economic systems are contained within a border. Nowadays, with globalization and migration, these lines are getting more and more blurred.

Our economies are linked together and dependent upon one another, one country is taking all of the water and polluting what is left in another country and political structures are being redefined. What was once contained and very structured is now falling apart. A new kind of partnership - Where there was once a extinct separation between civil society, the private sector and the public sector, they are becoming more and more intertwined. Civil society has become more and more powerful with the advancement of technology and the ability to communicate instantly to other members and groups around the world.

Often, group civil society have done extensive amounts of research and are subject matter experts, which are needed to solve some of these global issues. Many of these global issues cannot be solved without the cooperation of businesses and their incredible resources and massive global reach. Their innovation will be vital to getting some of these issues under control. Often times it is the interest of these companies, which moves us forward, not the interests of governments. 6. Which five of the twenty global issues Richard identifies do you think are most important? Explain your thinking.

Page Education - Many underdeveloped countries are Just stuck in a rut, because they cannot get the simplest education, how washing your hand prevents the spread of bacteria or how to reduce the spread of HIVE. Simple methods could be taught on how to distribute water so that they can grow more food. Water Shortages - With arbitration becoming more popular, the need for fresh water becomes more and more off problem. Many areas are using the existing water supplies at unsustainable levels and when the water dries up, they will have a very serious problem on their hands.

Commerce - The current laws were not written with commerce in mind. It did not exist then. With commerce growing at incredible rates and being conducted internationally, the laws must be rewritten to keep up with the times. Taxation - Along the same lines of commerce, as we become more global, equines is being conducted more and more across borders. Many companies and organizations are getting away with not paying what is due. The tax code needs and overhaul with this problem considered.

Intellectual Property Rights - The idea behind intellectual property rights is that if you innovate, you have the rights to that innovation and are protected from someone taking them from you. This encourages individuals and organizations to spend resources to come up with new ideas without fear of spending that investment for nothing because it was stolen. That is how things are here in the United States. Unfortunately, other countries do not recognize our intellectual property rights laws and steal other ideas which they spent resources to develop which then discourages concerns that require a global commitment or coalition to solve them?

Many of these issues are too large for any one country to tackle and many of them are spilling over across borders. Many countries do not have the resources to get themselves out of the hole they are in and continue to deteriorate. Water taken in a country upstream deprives the country downstream of water. Pollution runs downstream and blows across borders. There are many methods which have helped developed countries get to where they are which can easily be shared to help underdeveloped countries get on their feet.

Many of these problems must be dealt with from collaboration of many countries, developed and underdeveloped. 8. What are the shared characteristics that p global issues? They are planetary. Without a solution many of these issues will have drastic effects on our common future. They are urgent. The longer we wait, the more damage we do. In some cases, every year that goes by without finding solutions puts us seven years back. They are to expensive to solve in the overall scheme of things. Many of the world's problems could be solved with a small commitment of the overall GAP.

They are tough. Someone has to give something up for others to gain and the interest of one's self almost always comes before the interests of others. None of these issues has been remedied by the current international setup. 9. Compare what Richard calls hierarchical world government with networked governance? Peggy Hierarchal Government is stacked and all decisions must go through one "leader". Networked government is flat and each issue has "its own robber solving vehicle", making it much more efficient. 10.

What solutions other than global issues networks did Richard identify? Peggy One idea is using a 620 track. This would gather global leaders for each issue, Just as the current 620 gathers for financial issues. Another idea is a new diplomacy track and expanded concept of aid, which would assign expert diplomats who would deal directly with their foreign counterparts. This idea would also assign two budgets - one for country and one for global issues. It would also set up a global participation fund which would help developing countries participate in the global issues.

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