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 Bridge creates an image of 'modular bridging solution provider' useful for infrastructure solutions in natural disasters or remote locations that needs development. Therefore, it attracts national governments, Nags, military forces or private developers who are constructing bridges in such regions. The product range of Company Bridge consists of steel bridging, infrastructure, wind turbine towers and structural steel works. This is reinforced with after sales service, guarantee, installation and training.

For Company Bridge the most important part of the product is the quality. Therefore, the following figure presents the mind map for designing a digital campaign for selling spare parts of the bridges through launching an online platform. The Digital Marketing Institute defines the digital marketing as "the use of digital technologies to create an integrated, targeted and measurable communications which help to acquire and retain customers while building deeper relationships with them". The elements to be included in the digital marketing campaign are: Email marketing includes database marketing such as dividing the customers in segments and sending tailored targeted messages at the correct time. Company Bridge craft their emails in form of shots using a database analysis by sector and interest, using their CRM system. This analysis is vital to 5 Page send the right message, to the right persona or company and at the right time, depending with the necessities of Company Bridge.

The e-shots are designed in HTML and a subsequent breakdown of the responses is done to achieve the desired oils. The email marketing is a cheap, effective and customizable tool that even when social media is taking over the communication with the client is offering great results for Company Bridge with an open rate of 84%. Company Bridge has into account as well that nowadays most of the emails are reading on mobiles, so they optimism the e-shot for mobile to bring their clients the best possible experience.

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The next element to be included in the digital marketing campaign is the Search Engine Optimization (SEE), which involves methods responsible for increasing the usability of the Company Bridge website in different search engines. It can be achieved by increasing the position of specific keywords like steel bridge, Company Bridge, emergency bridge, modular bridge, bailey bridge. And for the Spanish site, pungent Maybe, pungent De emergencies, pungent Bailey o pungent De cero. There are various SEE methods that range from on-site improvement and analysis to blobbing, content development and creating links.

Company Bridge try to position itself with organics methods that naturally position the website. What Company Bridge does is o generate quality content as case studies and news about the company and the sector, that creates interest, the website solves a problem or need and focused on how the user searches for that specific information, and this information is easily indelible by search engines using the correct metastases, headings and subheadings and keywords. Using www. Marketing. Grader. Mom to analyses Company Bridge SEE, the results are as follows 6 | Page With an overall score of 79 out of 100 If we compare Company Bridge Score with their main competitors score we can see that Company Bridge website is above the average website quality. Ay per click (PC) Pay per click is the term used with paid search, which includes managing paid advertisements in the search results. The price of advertisements depends upon the position and competitiveness of the keyword that is being bid on, in the search engines.

The skills required for PC management includes a 71 Page "deep" eye for finding details in data, creativity for developing advertisements and response techniques. Company Bridge did a trial in Linked with no really good results. But it will be worthy to do another trial with different keywords. Social media management of the image of the brand by using various social channels. The social channels may include Pinsetters, Linked, Backbone or Twitter (Coleman, 2012).

Social media management also involves linking of proactive business development, facilitating the filling of the highest level of the sales funnel using consumer support, as well as, facilitating the support for the lower end of the sales funnel. Company Bridge use different social media channels as: Youth: where the advantages of use the Company Bridge products can be watched. And at the same time create awareness of the brand. These videos are inked as well to the website and are mentioned in tweets and posts in Backbone.

Being the fastest growing social media channel . Company Bridge could not ignore it, and for this reason Company Bridges has two twitter accounts, one in English  and after identify the Spanish speaking countries as a main target for the development of the sales strategy, Maybe created a Spanish account . These two accounts are an excellent tool for self-promotion, generate more traffic to the website and connects the company with other professionals, floggers and businesses.

Linked: this business social network has worldwide 200 million users in 200 countries and territories around the globe, really a huge showcase for professionals from all over the world able to access to your company, and what is most important and in contrast to other social networks, in an area of business. Company Bridge has a Linked profile update regularly with news about the company and the sector, and at the same time encourage their employees to be part of this business network.

Linked is used as well in Company Bridge as a leads generation tool, where they look for companies and key contacts and try to push them into the sales funnel. Backbone: this channel cannot be ignored as it is the social network with more users around the world. Doubling in number of users the second one that is Google+. For this reason Company Bridge has their employees and their clients. It's not the main communication channel but it is another channel that helps redirect traffic to the Company Bridge website. Pinsetters  and Flicker : it is important to have a social media profile in a picture social network and Company Bridge has an account in Pinsetters and Flicker. The Flicker account allow Company Bridge to storage and share pictures in high resolution, and the Pinsetters account gives Company Bridge the opportunity to participate in one of the fastest growing social networks with more than 70 million users and interact with another companies, users and influences in a most informal way in comparison with Flicker.

The skills required for managing social media includes brand awareness, creativity, customer service techniques and an awareness regarding the interconnection of social media metrics and marketing metrics. It should be noted that online advertising and PC are both different elements. Online advertising includes advertising on the websites of other people. Company Bridge is not advertising the brand in any particular website, but has a plan in place to identify magazines, blobs and influencer websites in order to 9 | Page select the most convenient channel to publicize the brand.

The skills required for this element includes designing capability, creativity, communication skills and data analyzing skills (to ensure that the right advertisement is posted at the right time).  This type of marketing is much similar to online advertising. However, in the affiliate marketing, the website owner placing the advertisement will only be recompensed after a sale of the product takes place. Company Bridge has a plan to talk with their representatives around the world to use their websites to do online advertising and pay them once that the sales has been confirmed.

The plan also involves using of impel links, emails for marketing the website of their representatives. Therefore, Company Bridge will communicate with the affiliates (representatives) in order to skills required for this type of marketing includes effective communication skills, planning and data analysis skills.  Text messaging is another element that will be included in the marketing campaign for selling spare parts of bridges.

Mobile marketing is an effective and direct communication tool to achieve potential growth in digital marketing. The growing use of smartened technology around the globe in 2013 has resulted in conducting racketing activities directed to mobile devices. However, mobile messaging is considered as a push marketing strategy, which may be considered as spam. However, if Company Bridge use it appropriately, text messaging can turn out to be very effective in marketing products offered to a specific key target sector.

Company Bridge has not a blob and it is something that involves efforts to make the blob visible to potential consumers by creating a strategy that combines SEE, social media, web design and PR. Blobbing will provide fruitful results, if the blob attracts attention customers through effective keyword search and in social media websites. 101 page Company Bridge is creating different types of content like case studies or videos that are being distributed across different channels, social media and e-shots.

The Role of Search Marketing Search marketing is a type of internet marketing that includes promoting websites by increasing the visibility of such websites in the Search Engine Results Page (Seers) by increasing the advertising content on such pages (Sherman, 2007). Search marketing may also include SEE or PC, as well (Sullivan, 2010). Search engine marketing involves four categories of metrics that are used to improve online selling websites. Keyword analysis and search: It further includes three steps of ensuring that the the website is indexed in multiple search engines and the use of keywords on the website ensures generation and conversion of customer traffic.

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