Change Yourself to Change Your World

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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Change Yourself, to Change Your World

Often times I hear people say “if I am in his position or status, I will do better and change things for good”. This statement is made when people feel that their boss (es), employers, leaders and government officials are not performing or living up to expectation. They expect so much from these people and get less than they thought or envisaged. There is this axiom that says “you cannot give or offer something that you don’t have”.

The gross indiscipline, misconduct, under-development or deficiency of any Nation or sphere of human endeavour is a sum total or directly proportional to the gross indiscipline, misconduct, under-development and deficiency of respective individuals in the Nation or sphere of human endeavour. People want to change things for good even when they are not changed themselves. How can you change, influence, or make impact in your world when you are not changed, influenced and impacted on your inside?

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Everybody is crying for change, transformation and development when they are not changed, transformed and developed. How do you expect your leaders and bosses to help you and solve your problems when they themselves cannot help themselves and even solve their personal problems? A good reason is that majority of them have not developed the full mind potential to function effectively in that capacity.

Intentionally and Passionately

If you truly, sincerely, intentionally and passionately want to change and influence your world, you must truly, sincerely, intentionally and passionately desire to change your complete state (i. e. body, spirit and soul). How can you bring about growth and development to your world or the Nation, when you have not/ are not bringing about growth and development to yourself? The attitude and character you display or portray now will be synonymous with your character and attitude when you finally become a leader in any capacity or field (i. . , in Academics, Politics, Business, Ministry, Sports, Entertainment, Tourism, Security, Arts and Culture). The truth is, and still remains that, if you don’t change yourself positively, you cannot change your world positively. In actual sense, you may even end up becoming worst than your Predecessors or perform badly than they did in their time. Leadership is all about changing and influencing people positively!

I’m very much enlightened and aware that you have great future career aspirations and ambitions; but you’ve got to tell yourself the truth and ask yourself these simple but all important questions “are the things I am doing presently in consonance with my dreams, visions and aspirations in life? “Will I be able to make positive change in my world in 10 to 20 years from now, in cross examination with the things I am doing now? ” “What skills, abilities and potentials do I have that will give me an added advantage over my predecessors and leaders”?

Uncompleted or Abandoned Capital

Everybody is complaining about bad roads; uncompleted or abandoned capital projects; poor regulation and maintenance of electricity; fraudsters invading our financial and economic sectors amassing wealth for themselves, detrimental to the growth of the people; fallen standard of our educational systems; insecurity in the Nation; poor sanitary conditions; poor response to capital projects from leaders; poor conditions of service for both public and private workers; moral decadence, gross indiscipline, misconduct and indecent dressing amongst the youth; projects completed with sub-standard and inferior materials and equipment; high rate of unemployment; poor remunerative service and fringe benefit for workers; poor standard of living of citizens, and others too numerous to mention: but only very few individuals are willing and ready to pay the prize; and really able to bring about positive change when they are elected or appointed into the different offices. If you are a Student or pupil, your level of success in future will be a product or a reflection of your level of seriousness in your studies now.

Local Government Chairman

Why not suffer or bear the pain now to enjoy tomorrow, instead of playing prank and “enjoying” now to suffer or bear the pain tomorrow? Always have it in your conscious mind that, Success and Excellence come with a prize; you either pay now and play later or play now and pay later: either way, you must pay! Always endeavour to change yourself in order to change your world when the time comes. Ask yourself “will I do better than my Councilor; Local Government Chairman; Ministers and Commissioners in different capacities; Senators; Governors and even the President, if I am elected or appointed into their position(s)? ” “Not until you are able to change yourself, you will not/may not be able to change your world”

This is a clarion call for every individual irrespective of age, status, colour, family background and disposition to take responsibility in changing themselves before they think or talk about changing their world. Let’s all stop the pretence! Let’s all start building and developing our character from where we are. Let’s stop complaining of poor sanitation or environmental hazard when we are the ones throwing dirt on the streets and our environment. Let’s stop disobeying traffic lights and signals in order to avoid accident. Let’s stop crying because of high rate of unemployment, and acquire relevant human capital skills and abilities which will enable us to become self-employed, and become assets to our society/world. Let’s stop criticizing our leaders and bosses unconstructively.


Let’s all join hands with the government and other bodies to make our Nation a better, comfortable and convenient place to live in. Let’s all look out for possible means, and harness the resources available in changing ourselves positively, in order to change our world. Let’s all develop positive mental attitude about our religious, political, academic, media and entertainment sectors; and take the bull by its horn in bringing about lasting peace, progress, harmony, growth, development and advancement in our world (spheres of endeavour). Remember, you cannot confidently talk about changing your world when you’ve not changed yourself. “Change yourself to change your world”!

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