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Last Updated: 14 Feb 2023
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Many people would not know what to do with the outdoor spaces in their homes or business premises to make them look appealing. While others will try to decorate the area, others will see no need. It is no secret what a well-thought-out landscape scheme can do. It can change your lifestyle and make your entire property look wonderfully appealing. To achieve this you will need the services of The Landscape Expert. This is a landscape design company serving in Orange County, California which is well-experienced and has all the expertise in redesigning and beautifying your home or business surrounding and elevating the value of your property by use of planter boxes and planters and many other decorating ideas Why The Landscape Expert? The Landscape Expert helps turn the ideas and visions you have about your landscape into reality.

If you ever want an isolated courtyard to find sanctuary or to relax after a long day’s work, this landscape design company has you covered. Alternatively, if your aim is to turn your front yard into a visually impressive scenery, the Landscape Expert is happy to help. They do a range of activities including identifying design stages, selecting materials, fixing greenery and hardscapes, and working on all finishing touches. Planter Boxes and Planters for Landscape Design Several households and businesses in Orange County, California have set up planter boxes and planters to add aesthetic value to their property. These are decorative containers placed outdoors with the main purpose of displaying live plants, small trees, shrubs and/or flowers.

Additionally, they can be utilized by growing herbs and other edible plants in them. Planter boxes and planters enable you to bring your little garden right on your balcony. What Materials Are Planters Made Of? Planters and planter boxes are made with a variety of materials. It is therefore up to you to choose the planter material that blends perfectly with your doorway, backyard, front yard or any other landscape you want decorated. You also have to blend with your style and other decoration pieces you have. If can’t seem to be overwhelmed about the choices, the Landscape Experts will gladly help. The material used in making planters and planter boxes affects their durability, frequency of maintenance, versatility and even the possibilities of design. Planters and planter boxes can be made with either of the following materials. Fiberglass gives planters and planter boxes a sophisticated appearance.

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They can really work well with dull spaces. Furthermore, fiberglass is a lightweight material therefore it will be easy for you to carry your planter box from one place to another in order to allow you to be flexible to design trends. You also won’t have a hard time rearranging your boxes which helps the spaces to remain fresh. Another quality of fiberglass is its resistance to weather. This will make your planter ideal for the outdoor scheme. This is because it will withstand all weather conditions from extreme heat to snow and rainfall. Even better, they require minimum maintenance and are corrosion-free. Colored planters will maintain their brightness as the have a durable finish that resist UV rays. Fiberglass planters and planter boxes are durable and versatile, and maintain their sophisticated look for a lifetime.

Metal Steel and aluminum metal are the most commonly used. They provide a modern look to indoor designs and a calm ambiance to any given landscape. These sort of metals are durable and won’t crack or break easily. Aluminum planter boxes and planters can be traditionally made so as to fit your design style. Metal planters are mostly have six powder-coated finishes which makes them look appealing for a long period of time. These types of planters and planter boxes resemble a piece of art that easily enhances the aesthetic value of any given space. Before you go for these, however, you should know that they are quite bulky to move them from one place to another and have inadequate insulation. This means that your design won’t be as much flexible.

They are also prone to direct sunlight which might heat them up making the soil to frequently dry up. Thus, you will need to regularly water them. These planters and planter boxes also need to have drainage holes since metal is non-porous. Easy though is the maintenance. Since aluminum planters are bound to rust more often, you can maintain them by washing with a dish scrubber and water and white vinegar mixed in equal ratios, rinse and dry with a towel. It is worth noting that painted planters do not need scrubbing as you will wear off the paint. You are only required to wash it with slight soap then dry with a lenient towel. Steel planters and planter boxes have an industrial appearance. They too are require little maintenance.

They are not to be cleaned with a harsh soap solution or a scrubber. You can use metal waxes to keep the surface of these steel planters as new and valuable as you first bought them. Resin and Plastic These types of planters are capable of imitating other materials, for instance terra cotta, stone and concrete. They are, however, more durable, versatile and lightweight than other materials. Plastic planters’ performance is extraordinary, though they are not as durable as metal. Resin on the other hand assumes different colors and shapes making it more versatile to allow you to try out various looks. Maintenance is quite easy. The smaller planters can simply be dipped in a mix of water and mild soap for about 10 minutes while the larger ones will need a little light scrubbing, then detailed rinsing and air drying.

Wood Redwood, cedar, and Black Locust are the most commonly used in making raised garden planters and planter boxes because they are durable and rot-free. These types of wood are pressure-treated first before being used. A wooden planter can be designed to fit depending on where you want it. It also can be painted in any color without rotting. This makes it a durable type of planter. Wood planters can work with a variety of landscape styles. However, you need to thoroughly prepare them before using them to ensure their durability and the health of the plants. Waterproofing Your Planter Boxes and Planters – Why It Is Important Making your planter boxes and planters waterproof is key as it prevents them from being damaged by elements such as rain, sun or even snow. In addition, these planters leak more often than not, and if they are not treated properly, they can cause harm to your home.

This is because as the water leaks and finds its way to the unfished areas, it creates an environment where dry-rot or mold to grow. These elements can easily damage the planter as well as spreading to cause more damage to the surrounding environment. Because your planter boxes are constantly wet is advisable that you make them waterproof. This will reduce the chances of formation of mold and dry-rot. Not making your planter boxes and planters waterproof could lead to more implications which include a high cost of maintenance. This is because you will need to replace your planter boxes regularly and repair all the other damages. In addition, you have to dispose of the mold, repair the drywall and the frames and incur more landscaping costs. Not just any designer can get your planter waterproofed properly. You need the services of a professional so that you can be rest assured that your planter won’t cause any harm.

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