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Cause and Effect on World War 1 World War One, a huge conflict that sparked in 1914 and lasting all the way until 1918. The war was between the world’s greatest powers as two opposing sides; the Central Powers and the Allies. It was a chain of events that had started this was which consist of key features such as imperialism, alliances, growth of militarism, crisis, and nationalism. It was the result of these accumulating factors that had eventually evoked war. The effects on World War One included over 8 million deaths, higher taxes, rationing of food, and etc.

Imperialist is considered a primary cause of war. With Europe’s growing economy and wealth, rivalries and competition for colonies among European nations were more accepted which ultimately led to unrest. Before the war, Europe was growing prosperity and peace. By 1900’s European powers were in control of most African, Asian, and other continents, showing strong ideas of imperialism. While imperialism showcased European strength it also revealed its dependency. Each country’s prosperity hinged on its ability to maintain and expand its colonial empire.

This has created competition among imperialist powers for foreign territory. The British felt endangered by Germany’s fast economic growth. Quickly after that, Germany’s new modern factories largely out produced Britain’s older ones. This was a strong economic reason for Britain to oppose Germany in any disagreement. Territiorial disputes was also an ongoing problem with European countries as the leasders wanted more land and didn’t know who owned land was being taken all the times. Imperialism also divided European nations.

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Now on to the causes that made a difference or that was important with WW1. What exactly were the causes of World War 1? Sounds like a simple straight to the point question, but it’s definitely not. It was more to what think was the whole cause of World War 1, more than the start of the war than an Austrian prince being murdered in Serbia. Causes of the war also dealt with nationalism, imperialism, and militarism along with the alliance systems in Europe all strongly affected the outbreak of the war. All of these factors where established in many of Europe’s “Great Powers” which consisted of

Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia. The main cause focused on what I stated above, in the previous sentences. The causes of World War 1 include a growing sense of militarism, which was accompanied by arms race, and imperialism. Imperialism as economic rivalries and competition for colonies among European nations were prevalent. What were the effects on World War 1? This war had a few effects on America society, though the war instigated problems, causing n effect that is negative on the American home front. Americans experienced a lot of problems, like the narrowing of our rights and the war caused a patriotic sense to America that got to the point where people were discriminating people from other backgrounds. ” Also, from many soldiers drafted to war more job opportunities were available. Though this seemed like a good thing, negative effects came out of it The war itself left an everlasting impact. After this was women were gaining more rights. They were gaining rights such as voting and sexual equality.

The male dominance patriarchal ideas weren’t so strong anymore. The United States entered the war with the mindset of being neutral and isolated. Russia left the war allowing them to deal with the conflicts. The effects of the war included over 8. 5 million deaths, rationing of food and other products, higher taxes, famine, and propaganda war. This war cost billions of dollars and tons of lives. It brought Japan up to Great Power status, which fueled their ambitions in the Far East. It reinforced the American strain of isolationism which led to the Great Depression. War reparations and the harsh peace settlement on Germany made conditions ripe to bring Hitler and the Nazis to power, and the war was the straw that broke the back of the Russian monarchy which allowed the Russian Communists to take power (europeanhistory). ” The economic and political effects were so great that World War 1 marks the start of a modern era. With all the effects that took place with World War 1, it then started a new war that lead to World War 2, “The Cold War. ” Works Cited Nash, Gary B. , Julie Roy. Jeffrey, and Allen Yarnell. The American People: Creating a Nation and a Society. New York: Harper & Row, 1986. Print.

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