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Jason Haro 10/10/2012 Management of Organizations Case Analysis: Motivation In order to have an effective performance from a group a people, effective leadership must be used along with good teamwork to have an efficient running company. After analyzing the case of Joe Chaney, it is clear that there has been a fault in leadership along with lack of motivation. In order to fix the situation with Mr. Chaney, a meeting should be established with him to discuss his performance.

The first question to start out with is to make sure that Joe realizes there has been a problem with his performance at work. Chances are he will realize there is a problem, since his conversation about complaining about his job was overheard. Once it is established that there is a problem with performance, the next task is to figure out if the problem stems from inadequate subordinate ability or motivation. In the case of Joe Chaney, there is a problem with both ability and motivation

The inadequate subordinate ability comes from inadequate resources to do the job leading to a resource problem. Mr. Chaney was hired with mediocre recommendations from his previous employer because help was needed desperately. The firm seems to be understaffed to handle the rise in workload from the local construction boom. The absence of formal performance reviews and career counseling due to time constraints along with losing Friday social hours and making weekends mandatory is a huge demotivating factor for employees, not just Mr. Chaney.

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The relationship curve between level of conflict and level of performance shows that having too much conflict for extended periods of time leads to low levels of performance. More staff should be hired to ease the workload. Incentive problems are also an issue with Mr. Chaney. Mr. Chaney’s statement of “no one around here respects my opinion. I’m just a lowly draftsman… because I don’t have the degree, they ignore my input, and I’m stuck doing the grunt work” shows that there is an issue of Mr. Chaney feeling unappreciated so he has stopped caring about his work.

Effective leaders should be empathetic towards his employees. Understanding that he has a wife and children shows that he has concerns for providing for his family. Between working and being a family man, he may not have an opportunity to obtain his degree to have a better title and paying wage. Restarting career counseling and performance reviews would help solve these problems. Credit should be given to Mr. Chaney as his performance, until recently, has been surprisingly well and produced high quality work.

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