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I found both case studies to be very interesting. In the Two Men and a Lot of Trucks case study, I could identify the expectancy theory and Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory. The text states that Mary Ellen quit her well-paying job with benefits to grow her business. What started as a part-time gig working from her dining room table quickly became a successful franchise operation. Mary Ellen’s hard work and dedication paid off as there are currently 152 franchise locations.

Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory can also been found in this case study through Mary Ellen’s devotion to providing superior customer service and using her prior work experience. Mary Ellen was able to create high-performing teams by establishing Stick Men University. Offering this level of training has effectively helped Two Men grow. As Sheets says, “I want them to be successful as fast as they can. ” (Jones, 2007) In the Siemen’s case study I could identify both the expectancy theory and the job enrichment theory. The study stated that Kleinfeld wanted employees to work more flexible hours and on weekends.

With everyone’s job on the line, Kleinfeld put in the extra effort to motivate workers. He made himself available around the clock and it paid off. Even though Kleinfeld relies on the support of the management board he seems to have the freedom to do his job his way. He has held 10 positions within Siemens which has allowed him “to explore every corner of the far-flung Siemens empire. ” I believe that Kleinfeld used the participative approach to creating high-performing teams within Siemens as he was involved with most aspects of this company’s growth. (Jones, 2007)

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