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Audience, Anaylsis and Reception

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Knowing the audience that you are presenting in front of is as important to knowing what you will be talking about. Most individuals are prepared with notes and other Items to help them stay on topic and well informed on the subject they are presenting on. Knowing the audience will let you know how detailed of a report you will have to write, if it is for the boss, they might except information on the topic, how the topic can be improve business, how Is this different from other organizations, the finances on how much it will take to get down.

Yet If It Is for your fellow employees, they might Just want to know more Information on the topic and how It will Improve the business. Having an Idea of the audience that will be reading your report as an example like corporate executives or special guests that might be Glenn feedback on the report Is Important also. These Individuals might have specific knowledge on the topic and their research and analysis might be expected In the report and management might except feedback from them about the report.

They might also except acknowledgment in the report on the Information you gotten from their research and/ or previous analysis. These potential understanding can help make a smoother report on the presenters part because they will know more of what to except after the report is read. And if these needs are not might more than likely management will look for a revised report with more specifics, management might want to let you go based on a bad report.

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If I had to write a report at my workplace I old know that my boss and her husband are difficult individuals to satisfy, I would have to make sure to provide as much details as possible on the subject, where I obtained the information, how credible are those resources and how will this improve their business with the finance numbers on how much will it take to get done. If the needs were not might with my report, management will except from me to improve upon what I already wrote; taking the feedback given to me or they will let me go based on a poor report on a topic that is in my Job description.

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