Essays on Othello

Essays on Othello

Essays on Othello (250 words)

Othello is a scholarly play that was composed by William Shakespeare in 1603. The play is a misfortune rotating around four principal characters that incorporate Othello, Desdemona, Iago and Cassio. The four fundamental characters have various parts in the play that supplement each other in this heartbreaking play.

Othello is the lead character who assumes the part of a military officer in the Venetian armed force. Cassio and Iago are junior military officials who work under Othello. Desdemona assumes the part of Othello's significant other and the girl of a representative. The play starts with a discussion between a rich courteous fellow known as Roderigo and Iago.

Roderigo gripes about Othello's mysterious union with Desdemona and exhibits his exceptional energy for her. Roderigo anticipated that Iago should advise him regarding this improvement due to their companionship. Roderigo is enamored with Desdemona and his past endeavors to wed her had not succeeded. Iago isn't content with the way that Othello had advanced Cassio in front of him notwithstanding his inability. Roderigo chooses to report Othello to representative Brabantio who is Desdemona's dad.

Desdemona's dad goes out to search for Othello however they surprisingly find each other in a security meeting where Othello has been gathered to exhort legislators on the looming assault on Cyprus by the Turkish soldiers. There is an entirely awkward experience between Othello and Brabantio after the gathering.

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Othello is one of the greatest plays due to its’ collection of characters and themes. The theme of social status and racism plays a huge role in the story. You see the role of Othello as a “protagonist and hero” (spark notes), the drama is centered around him. In act 1 you see boast about his military career, “My services, which I have done the signiory shall out-tongue his complaints. Which, when I know that boasting is an honor I shall promulgate”, you see the protagonist here. He tries to be a strong confident man, fitting into the social status. He is very noble and highly regarded, but he knows he must work harder because of the color of his skin. I see him as a hero by the struggles he faces trying to marry Desdemona. He is well-liked and a successful soldier. He is naпve in the ways of the world and falls prey to Iago’s tricks. He does not see that he is successful, and his color and status make him an outsider. He is a hero who is ruthlessly transformed by his own insecurities. Othello and Desdemona are in love, she loves him, but his love is transformed into destructive jealousy all because of one man. I know my own securities have allowed people to cause doubt, jealousy, and anger into to my mind.

You see Othello is desperate and gullible, in trying to prevail against the racial bias of their time. You see racial differences nudge Othello’s insecurities and the conflict of man-vs man is so apparent. Othello’s character is so crucial in this play because he is a character of greatness, weakness, and strength. He has lived his whole life as a black man in a white world. He is intelligent and confident when it comes to military matters, but the color of his skin makes him socially insecure. You can see in act 1 why Othello has these insecurities. Iago is trying to stir up conflict and divulge the elopement of Desdemona and Othello to her father. He says “Even now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe (Shakespeare 1.1.85-86) Iago is using a racial “animal” imagery to describe Othello, this sets the tone of the play. Showing us the hostility towards Othello’s ethnicity and interracial marriage. Being a man of color, he experiences many difficulties. People feel Desdemona cannot love him, he is black, and he must use magic to make her love him. This was far from the truth; he had lived a life free of ridicule.

when he was in the military. But it was just a few people who envied and resented him, that used his insecurities to their advantage. Iago and Roderigo knew he deep down still struggled with race. They were intimidated by him; in fear he would sabotage their powers. They used his race to bring about his destruction, today we see that still happening. Like Othello, people can’t escape their heritage no matter how hard they try. They will always be the subject of others' ignorance and hatred. 

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In Othello by William Shakespeare, the role of women is emphasized dramatically. The women in this play each have an expectation to respect their husbands and expected to remain loyal and to do as they are told. Othello presents us three women, Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca; each scene as a prostitute to society.

At first glance, Desdemona is seen to be nearly perfect. She has the personality of a truly good person. She is kind, loyal, innocent, and her love for Othello is undeniably pure “A maiden never bold, of spirit so still and quiet that her motion blushed at herself” (Act 1 scene 3 ). As she is falsely accused of adultery, her virtues transform into her flaws.

Though she was ridiculed for her flaws, she showed she was strong enough and well educated enough to disrupt the societal confinement passivity for women by marrying Othello.

Although she struggles to express her loyalty and respect for her husband, she strongly believes that a woman should never disrespect her husband.

Emilia has a similar role in this play, but she not only is loyal to her husband Iago, but she is also loyal to Desdemona for she is Desdemona’s attendant. Emilia spends most of her day with Desdemona, this gives her an insight and clear understanding of Desdemona’s personal life. This is very beneficial to the villain Iago. Emilia allows herself to be used by her husband for his own benefit. However, when she realizes the full extent of Iago’s wrong doing “I know thou didst not. Thou’rt not such vilian” (act 5 scene 2), she takes a brave action and turns against him “I will not charm my tongue. I am bound to speak” (act 5 scene 2) “He begged me to steal’t” (act 5 scene 2). Bianca on the other hand is actually a prostitute and is famous for her position. In the early periods, women were considered “morally, physically and intellectually weaker than me” (Eales,3) “ To suckle fools and chronicle small beer” (act 2 scene1). With this understanding, it was necessary to rule and control women. Married women were given the typical status of a women’s place in society, but prostitutes on the other hand were not acceptable in the society because they were not under the control of any man. Prostitutes in this society move freely, have no fear in man, and in some instances control man.

At this time, men were unable to live with the fact that women can actually survive without the dominance of man. They were afraid that the theories of men governing women would diminish and the women in society would face their troubles with society with courage.

The handkerchief plays an important role in Othello. It symbolizes the loves between Desdemona and Othello.

Desdemona received the handkerchief as a first gift from Othello, in symbol of love. Othello claimed that his mother used it to keep his father faithful to her, therefore the handkerchief represents martial fidelity. Further in the play, the villainous Iago gets a hold of the handkerchief and spitefully creates a plan to make it seem as if Desdemona has had an affair “I never gave it him. Send for him hither. Let him confess” ( act 5 scene 2 ). Later on, being the result of her death. As we can see in act iv scene iii, Desdemona remains faithful in her love towards Othello. Despite the fact that Othello often dismisses her and acts as if she isn’t present, she remains devoted to Othello, she remains devoted to Othello.

In conclusion, Shakespeare gives once again proves women as the victims of men. Throughout the play, men use women as the victim, whether or not its love or jealousy. 

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Othello is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare, probably in 1603, set in the contemporary Ottoman–Venetian War fought for the control of the Island of Cyprus, since 1489 a possession of the Venetian Republic. The port city of Famagusta finally fell to the Ottomans in 1571 after a protracted siege.
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The othello is a board game that is played by two people. The game is played on a board that is divided into eight rows and eight columns. The game is played with a set of black and white pieces. The black pieces are called the black pieces" and the white pieces are called the "white pieces". The game is won by the player who has the most pieces of the same color at the end of the game."
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Assuming you want tips on how to write an essay on the play Othello: 1. Start by reading the play and taking detailed notes. As you read, think about the play’s major themes, such as jealousy, betrayal, and appearance vs. reality.2. Make a list of the play’s main characters, and for each character, write a brief description of their role in the play.3. Choose a specific scene or moment in the play that you want to focus on in your essay.4. Brainstorm a list of ideas and potential thesis statements related to your chosen scene or moment.5. Outline your essay, including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In your introduction, briefly summarize the scene or moment you’ll be discussing and state your thesis. In your body paragraphs, discuss how the scene or moment supports your thesis. In your conclusion, briefly summarize your main points and restate your thesis.6. Write a first draft of your essay, using your outline as a guide.7. Edit and revise your essay, paying attention to grammar, punctuation, and clarity.8. Once you’re satisfied with your essay, submit it to your teacher or professor.
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How Did Iago Cause Cassio To Be Argumentative
Iago is a master manipulator. He is constantly playing people off of each other and pitting them against each other. In this case, Iago is trying to cause a rift between Cassio and Othello. He does this by constantly stirring up trouble and getting Cassio worked up. Iago knows that if he can get Cassio to become argumentative, it will eventually lead to a fight between the two men. And, of course, Iago knows that if there is a fight, Othello will likely side with Cassio. This will cause even more tension between Othello and his wife, Desdemona.

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