Canadian Pacific Railway

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They were forced out of office and defeated by the prime minister Alexander Mackenzie What dolefulness did the liberal covet. Face? A major economic depression was sweeping AN(railway was a huge undertaking) Mackenzie disagreed with McDonald balloons of a nation linked by rail from sea to Mackenzie thought it was a loot of expensive trouble The main geographical problems with building the railway was the mountains to the west. The Fraser River the Canadians shield and the distance from the mainland and Vancouver land.

A formula for nation building,remained an essential part of Canadian government policy Including a system of protective Tariffs, Western Settlement and The CPRM "Canada for Canada" -McDonald Resources (Gold In BC) Keep American out promise BC to build a railroad Eastern politicians viewed the Canadian west as a potential market Parries=well suited for agriculture Canadian gob. Supported settlements of the west by farmers Grains and crop would be produced for export abroad income would be spent on Canadian manufacture goods John A. Mcdonald found the backer who can start the railway project.

Sir Hugh Allen rated CPRM, but with American backer. Private investors George Stephen (Bank of Montreal) Donald Smith(HOB) James J Hill It was controversial because it wasn't fair for any of the new railway company rat wanted to come In. Very one sided Sad 1400 miles Waldron to Port Hardy Windsor,Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, North Bay, Sturdy, Fort Williams, ignore, Winnipeg, portage la paired branded, swift current, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Fans, Yale, Port Moody, & Vancouver $60 million to make railway through the Rockies no know path through Selkirk Mint. (Roger) Albert Bowman Rogers, found a path April 1881

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Avoid land speculators and keep the Americans out William Van Horse was an intelligent and dedicated worker who was chosen to be the general manager of the CPRM. Van Horn instilled a balance of Discipline and worker satisfaction in the workers (Mostly disciplined). He was able to complete the CPRM 5 year a head of the expected date. Cost of blasting tunnels and trestles Creditor cooling In loans worker Unpaid threatening strike snow on tractors Ian Horn moved covet. Troops to Saskatchewan In 10 day to defeat reels forces and the Cree uprising crowfoot had signed a treaty with covet. The Cree were suffering

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