Business Studies What are functional areas

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The Human Resource Department needs to make sure that no corners are cut in production, and that Health and Safety is a priority. They must ensure all Production Line Workers are trained to work in this department. 3. Sponsoring of local events  Marketing Department The Marketing Department has an important role in sponsoring local events.

The Marketing Department may have to work with the event coordinators to promote the event. The Marketing Department will also make sure Schuh receives positive publicity. Finance Department The Finance Department can take care of sponsoring local events, since Schuh will be the one funding it. Administration Department  The Administration Department also plays a part in sponsoring local events by communicating with the event organizers, and to organize meetings between them and the members of Schuh's Marketing Department.

Production Department  The Production Department may need to manufacture for the event different shoes and accessories. Human Resource Department The Human Resource Department can play a part in sponsoring a local event by supplying extra employees in order to help around the local event. Marketing Department The Marketing Department employees can agree partnerships with events and support them; this can lead to new customers shopping at Schuh. Finance Department The way the people in the Finance Department are affected is by organizing all of the costs which will take place when sponsoring the event, for example the cost of help running it, and the things that Schuh are going to provide.

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Administration Department It can affect the people in the Administration Department by having to find out and organize meetings with those who are internal and external to the business. It can also affect them by having to sort out the terms and conditions of the agreement of sponsoring local events. Production Department The Production Department may have to change the production in order to provide products for a one off event. Human Resource Department The employees in the Human Resource Department can be affected, because they will have to ensure that the employee representing Schuh are trained to coordinate events and in event management.

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