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When she came ack in the Philippines, she finally started her newly business in the place of Marikina. Her three sisters were encouraged as well to establish this unique kind of business. Nowadays, Got Cha'aBubble Tea House composed of three branches: Marikina, Quezon City, and Antipolo, Rizal. Got Cha'aoffers a wide variety of tea products that are of Filipino taste. Its best-seller is the milk tea which is very popular especially among the Filipino teenagers. For almost a year of its existence, Got Cha'a aims to take advantage over Its other tea house competitors.

The operation of the business lsprovldlng their customers a higher level of service to which their customers will achieve comfy zone. Got Cha'a may not be now popular, but someday it'll be their turn to lead the market. Got Cha'a Bubble Tea House may gain advantage over its older competitors,the business will be more stable and in return may achieve a higher chance of lasting in the end. Got Cha'a Bubble Tea House's target markets are students, families and barkadas who want to take a break from reality & have a good time together.

These target markets would love to drink especially the milk tea, but will also becoming more health conscious. The buyers are usually young people that have adventurous, fun, and group-oriented personality. Got Chaa's main product is tea. Variations include Milk Tea, Fresh Tea, Yakult Tea, Fruit Tea, and Smoothies. The price of ordinary tea or fresh tea is fifty pesos (50). And the less are sixty pesos (60) the medium size and seventy five pesos (75) Is the large and both have one free Tapioca Pearl or Pudding.

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