Today reflecting on the day, this has got to be one of the best in my nearly fifteen years of life

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I was very wary about coming face to face with it all. Nobody told me that I had a whole other family. A mixture of feelings surrounded me. Why did nobody tell m? Why was I wrapped up in cotton wool?

It all started off the same old thing, get up and get ready. The grey dingy sky of another I could see sunny day coming through (not) why was it England was always cold, dull, and rainy.

I thought back to my summer holiday last year. All I can say is that it was total bliss. The sun kissing and warming my skin, a warm feeling spread through my body at that moment.

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A click back to reality as the morning news filtered through one ear and out of the other. Oh how I loved to hate getting up and ready for school.

The walk to school was torturous I could not handle these things. A dreadful storm of rain pouring on my head the bitter cold hitting my skin with great force. What a good start to another school day?

First lesson, first enemy if you ask me. Monday morning blues meant that I could not take part in PE

The day dragged on lesson by lesson. The seemed to be stuck as it looked like it was never moving. Just trying to torture me I bet. I was estatatic at the time to go home.

I got home and thought about what programmes I was going to watch on T.V. I heard my mum and dad talking. I picked up a bit of the conversation. I ran up the stairs and to my surprise my mum and dad was furiously packing. I immediately asked what was going on. My parents gave me instructions to pack for a hot holiday. As you can imagine I was very contented I loved holidays.

I found out we were going to the magical island of Capri. Situated just off the Italian coast. I asked how long we were going for and I was told as long as we want.

After a fatiguing flight we got there. It was phenomenal, I could not believe I was there. There were pretty lush patches of greenery scattered everywhere. I could see a glimpse of the coast. It was unbelievable.

After the initial shock of a surprise trip to an enchanting island a thought played on my mind. What exactly were we doing here? I pursued this to my dad and he told me there was somebody I should meet. I looked round to a massive mansion. A complex should I say. Pretty well looked after gardens. Immaculate white fences to enter through. What was going on I wondered?

This whole family stood there and smiled at me like they knew me. Who were all these people I wondered? They introduced themselves they were my dad's side of the family that we were told never to talk about. They were all incredible nice.

The biggest shock of all, I found out that I was to inherit a small fortune. I felt like never before so shocked, amazed and happy.

The day ended with a massive party in order of this good news. I just could not believe it. I knew that I was going to be happy here for a while, however long I stayed.

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