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Concerning the company that I am seeking a job with, Absolute Appointments is a well established media sales and publishing sales company based in London along 77 Oxford Street. It deals in recruiting sales executives for media and publishing firms for a commission. It is a well structured firm with offices in all major cities of the UK.

It specializes in consultancy for recruitment in media sales as well as IT recruitment. It advertises the vacancies in these two fields and places candidates into positions of media sales and recruitment positions. It offers advice to job seekers and gives them the best help that can be got from any recruitment agency in the UK. It advertises the jobs through the Guardian magazine.

Absolute appointments consists of professionals who have worked for a long time in the field. These professionals have worked extensively in the field of media sales recruitment. They recruit graduates mostly for entry level jobs. They couple recruitment with interviewing of the candidates on behalf of the companies that engage their services. They recruit mainly for Consumer Press, Business to Business Press, Telesales, Publishing sales, Newspapers as well as On-line sales. The company has a piece of advice for interested candidates that they have got to be motivated by such factors as money for which anyone works.

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The requirements for application are a degree in a relevant field. The company further specifies that for one to apply, they must fulfill the following requirements: Anyone who applies for the job must be very competitive must be a team player and that they must have good communication and listening skills.

 Below is the job advertisement: Entry Level Media Sales Executive, Sales Executive, Publishing Sales.

  • Posted: 14 Aug 2010
  • Reference: AUG8
  • Contact: Mr. Simon Essex
  • Location: Greater London - Central London,
  • Greater London - East London,
  • Greater London - North London
  • Industry:
  • Graduate - Sales
  • Media
  • Sales
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Hours: Full Time
  • Salary: £20'000 + commission + benefits

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Apply using the following method:

Fantastic opportunity to work in one of the biggest B2B publishing house in London who offer a unique career opportunity in sales. This position offers the opportunity to learn and grow within one of the UK's most recognized publishing houses. The successful candidate is likely to be living within an easy commute of Central London who has a keen interest in combining a career within Media and Sales.

A passion and eagerness to work in a company that offers financial reward is key, our clients look for sales people who thrive under pressure and enjoy the thrill of hitting targets.

In this role you need to demonstrate the capacity to identify and explore business opportunities, and understand the business needs of your clients. You need to enjoy working within a team environment where competition is encouraged. Media Sales is about making money .

The objective is to maximise revenue generation through advertising and sponsorship, you need to understand what your client's needs are when considering where they need to advertise, and develop a relationship through regular contact over the phone and face to face.

Simultaneously adhering to deadlines and timescales set by your manager. This role is paying up to £20'000 basic + very generous commission structure. For more information on this role and others that Absolute Appointments have please call Simon on 07931503508.

Apply using the following method: Specialist Recruitment Consultancy in Media Sales positions and IT Recruitment Vacancies.


I am a dynamic, aggressive and goal oriented fresh graduate whose aim is to make the biggest sales ever in your company, using the invaluable skills I learned during my degree course in college and community organizations.

Key Skills


I possess excellent verbal and communication skills that can work wonders in convincing the most reluctant of customers to advertise with your company. I am very competent in communicating verbally with new people on a one on one basis with a lot of confidence. I am a good public speaker owing to my excellent oratory skills. I am also good at writing reports, dissertations and thesis borrowing from the skills I acquired while writing them for my undergraduate studies. I possess the social skills required in a sales executive. Besides, I am open- minded and receptive to new ideas and challenges

Team Working

I am a team organizer with vast experience in community work organization from both college and high school. I am able to lead large groups in any task as may be required. While in college, I was the leader of a student-based environmental cleanliness awareness group. My group was voted the best in year 2009. I managed to lead my members in successfully creating awareness on the dangers of an unclean environment and the benefits associated with conserving the environment in the community.

Problem Solving

I possess excellent problem solving skills that suit any kind of a situation no matter how complicated it may be. I am very resilient and adequately prepared to face all sorts of challenges. For any challenging situation that I face in my daily activities, I face it with one thing in mind; what a man can do, another man can do. This is the determination with which I face any challenge before me. I am always guided by the resolve to stay on until I find a solution; ‘quitters never win’ and I take nothing short of a solution for all the challenges I face in any given task.

During my term as the leader of the environmental cleanliness awareness committee, we were faced with the problem of inadequate finances to reach all the target groups and no one seemed to have an idea as to what to do. I suggested charity walk for fundraising as a solution. I organized it and we successfully raised enough funds to see us through one year.

IT Skills

I am computer literate and numerate with proficiency in software packages, operating systems. I installed software packages in computers while at the university.

Competence Matrix

Competence (skill)





Written communication


I wrote a dissertation on the problems media advertisement companies face and the ways in which they can avoid them. I undertook a comparative study of three well established media advertisement companies and analyzed the problems they encounter in trying to appeal to their customers in the highly competitive field. I proposed workable solutions to these problems basing them on my research findings. The solutions were recommended by my assessor as the best any media advertisement could adopt.



Achieved 82% in my in my dissertation on the problems media advertising companies are faced with.


Teamwork and cooperation

I am a team manager and team work facilitator. I am good at motivating team members and creating a favorable working environment. Managed to hold together members of the community cleanliness initiative.
Leadership I am a visionary, flexible, adaptive, considerate and authoritative leader who leads by example and from the fore front. Led the environmental cleanliness group to successfully sensitizing the masses on the benefits or our initiative.

Relationship building and interpersonal understanding

I am excellent in building support and networking. I am very understanding and caring for others.

Conceptual thinking

Very good at insightful, critical thinking and able to identify a problem and generate ideas. Came up with the idea of organizing a cleanliness group which became a success story.
Customer service orientation Very helpful and alert to customer needs, commercial awareness and active in solving customer problems. Managed to convince reluctant neighbors on the importance of our cleanliness campaign.

Computer literacy


Developed highly influential power point slides for cleanliness awareness campaigns and for successfully presenting my dissertation.

Succeeded in sensitizing the masses on the benefits of our cause.

Got 82% in dissertation.


Problem solving

Identified and actively solved complex problems to their successful completion. Problem of funding for my community based group in college. Found a solution in charity walk for fundraising.

Media Sales Executive

I am writing to express my interest in the position of a media sales executive as appeared an advertisement in the Guardian magazine issue of 4th August 2010. I am applying for this job because I possess the needed qualifications and skills and I am sure I can deliver the required services if considered. I have been a leader of groups before and I am confident I can bring more clients to the company given my experience in dealing with the public. Your terms interested me and I would like to work in a highly competitive and challenging environment for my career advancement.  My availability is immediate and I would appreciate a lot if you invited me for an interview.

Canon Franks

The questions I expect from the interview panel

  • What makes you think that this job suits you?
  • What are the previous experiences that are relevant to this job?
  • Given a situation whereby a customer threatens to sue the company if their work was not re-done for lack of compliance of the set rules, how would you handle the situation?
  • If you were to head the company’s sales team, what approach would you use?
  • What are the factors that contribute to success in sales?
  • What would you do to improve the company’s corporate image in the case of a crisis?


Guardian News and Media Limited, (2010). Available at:

Careers and Employability Service, (2010). Available at: Manchester Metropolitan University.

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