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This study high spots and evaluates my personal, academic and professional contemplations throughout this class and applies the acquisition to consideration of my professional pattern and on-going hereafter development. It explores chances for calling waies within and outside of the prison service and how my scope of accomplishments can progress my aspirations every bit good as enhance the environment in which I work. To this terminal, I have critically evaluated my movable accomplishments and their development through this acquisition journey together with chances to heighten these farther. In looking to the hereafter, a revised Professional Development Plan ( PDP ) for ongoing hereafter development has been compiled and included in Appendix I.

Many of the acquisition results have been already been covered in some deepness within my PPD5 assignment and I have sought to lucubrate on cardinal countries of these within this paper.


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When foremost offered the chance to set about farther instruction through a Foundation Degree, I was ab initio excited at the chance. However, this shortly gave manner to dismissive ideas of successful completion as unachievable and self uncertainty about my ability to prosecute such a venture which resulted in me non roll uping the application signifier. It was merely when a co-worker, who had done so but decided non to take this forward, passed it to me, that I took the dip. A batch of ego talk was required to see how valuable this chance was for me. I considered that several of my equals would hold similar experiences and feelings which would do a natural and powerful support web significance that I would non be larning in isolation. Later, I was able to reflect and gain that cunctation is a peculiar trait and form of behavior for me, deep rooted in negative scheme ( Beck 1967:233 ) which I have been able to reflect on and compose about at some length throughout my farther instruction. Even coming towards the terminal of the Honours Degree ( which I undertook with greater enthusiasm ) , it is still apparent and something to guard against. This has been peculiarly of import in sing what has held me back from prosecuting advanced calling development until late.

Brooding Practice

Using a scope of brooding theoretical accounts throughout my farther instruction surveies, I now appreciate how analysis of my accomplishments can assist towards the end of professional promotion and, significantly that of occupation satisfaction.

I apply Gibbs ' ( 1998 ) Brooding Cycle readily to countries of my personal and professional life developing accomplishments of rating and analysis, both of ego and state of affairss which has led to effectual job resolution and informed decisions as will be illustrated below. Making this efficaciously, I have found, can widen the range for a more in-depth and wider encompassing program for ongoing development which hitherto, has been slightly narrow in its position. In other words, from being resigned to believing `` this is my batch, I 'll merely acquire on with it '' , to an active desire to use new acquisition, seek more and go motivated for calling patterned advance.

Straker ( 2008:172 ) whose work builds on the research of Gardner ( 1983 and 2006 ) summed up the importance of purposeful contemplation for me

`` Knowing yourself includes cognizing that there are parts of yourself that you do non cognize and being ready to listen and research these. It besides means sing what parts of yourself you should expose or conceal, based on how it will assist your intent instead than merely based on personal penchant '' .

The danger of contemplation is that, for a postponer such as myself, one can acquire stuck in ego analysis without making anything about it or utilize the consequences of one 's analysis to remain within a 'comfort zone ' .

Kolb ( 1984 ) helped to measure my experiences and trial hypotheses about myself, values and work moralss but it did non spur me on to action whereas Gibbs sets out the program for ongoing development which is important for me so as non to stay procrastinating. In PPD5, I considered how Moon ( 2004 ) has been a utile resource on brooding pattern, in peculiar reminding me that contemplation is of import but it must ever take to action and the devising of positive alterations. She stresses the importance of experiential larning which includes contemplation but qualifies this to integrate active acquisition, guaranting purpose to larn and mechanisms of feedback to guarantee the whole procedure is effectual and meaningful for development ( p.122 ) . SchA-n ( 1983 ) explains how, as one becomes more experient, it becomes progressively possible to reflect in action instead than merely after action. This is something I am going more complete at and is peculiarly apparent in critical incident state of affairss in my function as a surety negotiant where this has immediate and practical every bit good as personal value.

Interestingly the Cycle of Change by Prochatska and Diclemente ( 1982 ) , illustrated in Appendix II, highlights the stages which I can place with through my acquisition, professional and personal journey. I can frequently stay in contemplation and demand to happen the drivers and incentives to avoid oversights but, I am encouraged that these now exist more in copiousness which are sourced from many countries and the Honours Degree has been one of these.

I am aware that the classs and feedback I have received throughout my farther instruction have been of a systematically good criterion and this has served as a beginning of encouragement and measuring of advancement and accomplishment. I must keep measurings and ends for my hereafter development and there are agencies in topographic point such as the Staff Personal Development Record ( SPDR ) , in Appendix III and Professional Development Plan ( PDP ) which I can utilize as guideposts and yardsticks. It is of import that, as the current period of survey draws to an terminal, this motive to accomplish continues and I now feel best placed to guarantee this happens.

As mentioned in my PPD5 essay, in the yesteryear I have questioned the determination devising procedures of direction though this is being reshaped into a desire to derive a holistic overview of the work environment. `` Get the better ofing expostulations to understanding others, for fright that this might confute our ain theories about ourselves and the universe, are cardinal hurdlings for which I must continually be aware '' . ( Elliott, 2011 ) This has besides enabled me to measure what I can offer to functions to heighten the constitution 's public presentation.

In my first Brooding Essay from January 2007 ( Appendix IV ) I described schema theory and the work of Beck ( 1967 ) . From this I have developed an involvement, non merely in reading of state of affairs which influence our beliefs but, peculiarly, how to develop the stimulation and positive emotional and cognitive drivers for professional and personal wellbeing. In detecting what gets in the manner, instead than being stuck in analysis, to travel beyond and put ends for positive development has been indispensable acquisition for me and reading this first essay shows how far I have come. The focal point of this paper is skills rating but furthermore, the 'action ' stage of my development, placing chances and the practical stairs required for ongoing development.

Employability Skills and Development Needs

A scope of ego analysis tools have proved helpful in determining and attesting personal accomplishments which pave the manner for ongoing professional satisfaction. This has involved being critical as to what is and may realistically be come-at-able every bit good as widening the range for a scope of calling promotion chances.

Using a scope of ego analysis tools I have been able to measure my employability accomplishments and an illustration is in Appendix V. Examining these proved personally satisfying and formed the footing for an in-depth review in a personal SWOT analysis ( Appendix VI ) which I had merely of all time antecedently applied to concerns within the range of the Honours Degree.

On completion of this, it seemed logical to me that the values which concerns ascribe to should happen their 'roots ' in the forces employed by the administration as, ideally, they should incarnate the same corporate beliefs, moralss and work patterns. As I will foreground subsequently, this has brought me into struggle with my ain work constitution where, utilizing freshly honed accomplishments of assertiveness and corporate consciousness, I am more readily able to dispute what I may comprehend to be insecure patterns. This has been possible through equilibrating my possible `` failing '' of being mission-focussed and developing this alongside effectual and robust empathy towards direction determinations

At the clip of composing my Performance and Development record for this twelvemonth has non been recorded but as my SPDR for last twelvemonth ( Appendix III ) illustrates, I can stay pleased that I continue to run into marks set and work collaboratively with others to guarantee that the benefits of development are felt personally and by the administration. I have expanded this farther with creative activity of a new Development Plan ( Appendix I ) in order to keep continuity and on-going development.

In order to see the scope of accomplishments necessary to accomplish my ends and aspirations, I completed a Career Values Tool and the study can be found in Appendix VII. To assist with this I referred back to a Personality Type Questionnaire competed for the PPD5 assignment. This was an of import analysis as it accurately highlighted the possible callings which fitted my profile. The function of 'Counsellor ' featured conspicuously which is something I have long been interested in ( by the way, Musician and Actor which are personal involvements and besides featured high in the analysis ) . My functions in piquing behaviour intervention over the old ages have been the beginning of huge personal satisfaction as they met the values and accomplishments which I have enjoyed developing the most. Using the Career Values Tool, I input 'Counsellor ' as an alternate calling pick and it was interesting to observe how this featured against the profile which had me as balanced between 'intuitive ' and 'logical ' in my attack to work. Featured extremely were communicating accomplishments and my ability to work aboard people and cognizing that my work benefits others.

When seen alongside my 'white knight ' mission scheme of desiring to assist others, which can potentially be unhelpful, the balance of taking a logical, measured attack to job resolution is something I now know I possess and is to be worked on continually. The development of analytical accomplishments in my contemplations and undertakings throughout this last twelvemonth have helped to right this balance whereas before, if I had taken the Career Values Tool, I might hold been much further along the 'intuition ' side of the continuum which, is non healthy or helpful for one seeking to develop a managerial function. Equally good as reflective and survey accomplishments, it is of import to develop the practical accomplishments required for current and possible functions. At my SPDR reappraisal subsequently this month I can research the options for this with my line director.

The demand to develop concern consciousness, in order to understand corporate scheme in the workplace and enable publicity chances, is ongoing and the last few months have proved to be a testing clip in that respect. This has mostly been due to holding to take a grudge process against the Programmes and Psychology direction for what I perceive to be prejudiced and unethical behavior against myself. Having weighed up the options over the last 12 months or so, this action was the lone possible class and has required a step of focal point, assertiveness and an analytical overview of the state of affairs to do this determination and take this forward. Without this, I would hold reverted back to how I was prior to set abouting farther instruction and left the state of affairs unresolved and dwell in unhelpful contemplation which would hold affected my work and good being. The grudge is continuing at the clip of composing this study and, whatever the result, I can be satisfied that I have taken appropriate stairss to guarantee best ethical pattern and good being for the work force and administration as a whole.

This has non been without an emotional response ( admiting this is a strength identified in Gibbs Reflective Cycle, 1998 ) as I do n't wish struggle or 'rocking the boat ' but so, appropriate degrees of self-asserting direction and effectual analysis are important direction accomplishments which I have developed over recent old ages and is ongoing. This is peculiarly of import as I consider options for my hereafter and it is satisfying that I can take the positive accomplishments development acquisition from even the most testing of fortunes. The best step of how appropriate one 's actions are in the workplace, I have found, is one 's ain values of decency, moralss and duty and, in the above state of affairs, to hold these confirmed and used as my 'yardstick ' for determination devising and professional unity, has proved honoring and queerly 'comforting ' .

No 1 should of all time see themselves to be the finished article and being confident in prosecuting continued development is a positive trait. In my instance, this helps to get the better of the scheme driven low self-pride and has surely enhanced a more positive belief for the hereafter. Among the cardinal acquisition experiences for me, alongside the above, are a acknowledgment of the functions of others, networking and effectual communicating. My calling way has involved working closely with and taking an involvement in people, both clients and co-workers likewise. In Appendix X I have conducted my ain accomplishments self assessment which covers a scope of academic and professional countries. This was motivated by a definition of entrepreneurship by Rothstein and Burke ( 2010 ) as 1 who is `` aˆ¦skilled in acknowledging chances, working those chances and making value '' ( p.217 ) . Whilst I will ne'er be an Alan Sugar or Duncan Bannatyne, I can be merely as entrepreneurial in my accomplishments base so as to add value to the administration. The fact that support was made available to let this period of survey serves as a reminder that, to some grade, this has already been recognised and how I choose to use this for common benefit is now being considered.

Career Appraisal and Development

During the Foundation Degree I was able to set about and go through the choice scrutiny for Senior Officer though I was unsuccessful in function drama appraisal. I was, nevertheless, able to take that experience and, instead than call on the carpet or castigate myself and brood in diffidence as I antecedently would hold, I have decided to take the measure of using for and set abouting the appraisal once more later this twelvemonth.

For this, I will seek to utilize my Line Manager as wise man together with the preparation section as immediate point of mention and get down to research prison policy, security and direction accomplishments. I am now experiencing positive and motivated to win in this non merely from a practical, self-development position, but besides the pride and sense of accomplishment this will convey.

Following the letdown of holding to step down from Sexual activity Offender Treatment work last twelvemonth, I have reappraised my personal development and, utilizing brooding accomplishments developed on the grade surveies, peculiarly Kolb ( 1984 ) to assist measure the experiences and Beck ( 1967 ) to understand how I was construing them. Having specialised in Drug wrongdoer rehabilitation for the last 12 months I can take the benefits of new acquisition and function experience frontward as I return to Sex Offender therapy later this twelvemonth. Pulling together the scope of experience and involvements I have enjoyed over consecutive old ages keeps me, foremost and first, actively engaged in working for and alongside others. This is encouraging and, in this period of alteration, I have come to gain the importance of occupation satisfaction as a cardinal incentive for me.

Prosecuting a Counselling making would function as a way to an alternate calling should personal fortunes alteration for me in the hereafter. This could be due to cutbacks in the public sector or an establishment passage to the private sector. This could besides potentially be utilised in my current function should a guidance or mediation map become available which I can reason would value to the constitution.

A important country of personal development has been in cardinal accomplishments of assertiveness and dialogue. These were identified early on in my brooding pattern as things I needed to work on. I was able to negociate a function within drugs support holding originally offered an office based appraisal place which I would hold found unfulfilling. Alongside this, within my current grudge process, I have assertively requested a clear professional development way from senior direction which besides ensures that all officer class in the Programms squad are offered the same which has, hitherto, been missing.

Learning and Continuing Professional Development

The Honours Degree has been vastly ambitious and honoring and, despite early frights, has worked in with my societal and work life and has encouraged me to ongoing acquisition and consideration of developing calling chances.

There has been utile convergence of the assorted faculties of this class in which the acquisition and contemplations from each have been movable. An illustration is in analyzing 'Effective Management Decisions ' has been of import for my thesis which evaluates Crew Resource Management. Learning to analyze the former, in an non subjective manner, has enabled a critical attack for the thesis guaranting the focal point remains on the advantages to concern public presentation and non merely to countries of forces safety which I might otherwise hold concentrated.

It has been satisfying that I have been able to utilize the faculties of this class to look at countries which I find personally interesting and disputing which included planning undertakings to make best pattern in wrongdoer direction. Besides, I have long been interested in the commercial air power industry and to research competitory advantage of an air hose was good merriment, whilst besides honoring in the survey accomplishments that were required. Similarly, the thesis which looks at human factors in critical incidents originating from air power accidents takes that same personal involvement but analyses the learning points from that sector and explores what the prison service can profit from this within its ain operations.

This seamless learning extends to the old Foundation Degree which I often refer to including the faculty on morals, cultural consciousness and diverseness where the strong rules I ascribe and have documented, are continually evaluated and applied to my work pattern. It forms the footing of my 'mission statement ' for development as recommended by Covey ( 2004 ) where concentrating who you want to be and what you want to make should be on the values you ascribe to each ( p.106 ) .

I am presently researching options for Higher Education such as a Masters Degree every bit good as makings in redding. At this phase, I am diffident as to whether I should these at the earliest chance and go on the impulse of learning or have a twelvemonth interruption in order to pass clip concentrating on my personal life which does necessitate some attending. Whether I choose immediate and specific preparation at this clip or non, I can develop and heighten the accomplishments required for possible future functions in my current place using the preparation section, wise mans and line direction. All of these are portion of my on-going Professional Development Plan so I can keep the motive to maintain personal and professional aspirations at the head of my future work.

I am now certain that my farther instruction will go on every bit will the deepness and comprehensiveness of my calling development. With the on-going function in Drugs Support, a move back to Sex Offender Treatment subsequently this twelvemonth, together with the Senior Officer appraisal in October and researching accelerated publicity chances in the prison service, I have much to maintain me motivated and stimulated. These are cardinal drivers for me as I have learnt in my four twelvemonth journey and I can now realistically see a managerial place and research such options. The Honours Degree is regarded as a valuable making both for its relevant content to the Criminal Justice System and Business and Management but besides symbolises the desire and committedness I have and have shown for continued ego development.

For me, this highlights how seamless the passage has been through the acquisition journey and that it will go on to be so. This consciousness has made farther instruction and calling patterned advance options less of a mountain to mount but a soft way to enlightenment as some learned and revered adult male of religion likely one time said.

A helpful resource has proved to be which I have accessed throughout my surveies. This administration 's definition of acquisition is 'a autonomous, work-based procedure taking to increased adaptative capacity ' .

This highlights the importance of personal duty in utilizing employer resources to develop an ever-widening range for calling development. Appendix VIII shows an infusion which proved helpful in critically measuring my development program and ensured it was appropriate to my demands and abilities every bit good as offering value to the workplace.


I regard my new Curriculum Vitae ( Appendix IX ) as a valid working papers whereas I had considered my old one, prior to get downing Further Education, to be slightly antediluvian, irrelevant and out of day of the month. The nucleus accomplishments I have developed over the old ages and important accomplishments are included which serve as a reminder that, merely as I have now added the Honours Degree ( concluding consequence allowing ) , more is to come. As I look over it now, the passage and acquisition procedure which has brought me to this point in my life now is clearly apparent. I can see the journey of learning and experience I have been on and, with a renewed and positive position of myself and professional development potency, I will bask and use myself to the chances that lie in front.

My earliest employment from go for thing school was within the travel industry. From the beginning, I sought to better my practical accomplishments base and enjoyed the challenge of run intoing the demands of clients, budgetary marks, preparation of staff, job resolution, through to the gap and direction of a travel bureau branch several old ages subsequently.

Apart from the GCSE makings gained at school, any farther academic or professional acquisition has been gained whilst in employment. Transcripts of certifications attained, both school and work based can be found in the appendix.

The accomplishments and accomplishments I have attained in my personal life are every bit movable to my work life. For illustration, as Chairman of a genealogical society for several old ages and public speech production battles both serve as reminders that I have organizational, research and presentation abilities which I can and should be using and developing along my calling way.

I have had no formal direction preparation, yet gained important supervisory experience through demoing aptitude and dedication to undertaking, client base and forces. It is of import for me to show, through the Foundation Degree and subsequent preparation that I can larn direction and personal development accomplishments, but besides show I am able to use this acquisition in my work and personal life. At the same clip, I need to concentrate on a specific calling way which includes, in the first case, publicity to Senior Officer.

The following logical patterned advance will, hence, be to use for and set about the senior Promotion Examination subsequently this twelvemonth. For this, I need to obtain inside informations of the chief occupation demands for this function and, utilizing my Line Manager as wise man and the preparation section as immediate point of mention, get down to research prison policy, security, direction accomplishments and preparation chances. Whilst I have considered project this before, I am now experiencing positive and motivated to win in this non merely from a practical, self-development position but besides the pride and sense of accomplishment this will convey.

On successful completion of this scrutiny, I can seek to specialize in either wrongdoer rehabilitation or staff preparation which I would enjoy. This draws together the scope of experience and involvements I have enjoyed over consecutive old ages and maintain me, foremost and first, actively engaged in working for and alongside others.

It is of import for me to develop assertiveness accomplishments and, whilst these have been improved upon over recent old ages, I am cognizant there is a continued demand for development in this country. I need to be pro-active in my ain acquisition, seeking chances and non over-relying on others to merely recognize my demands or chances and do recommendations. Part of this includes my demand to develop and seek out direction preparation and practice/demonstrate the accomplishments I have. It is every bit of import for me to enlist the aid of others in my development. My personal statement highlights how I can go excessively autonomous when I perceive no 1 understands my demands or are truly interested in my development. Seeking a more collaborative attack to my acquisition will non merely breed positive belief in myself and others, it will do the following phase of my calling more rewarding, satisfying, originative and productive every bit good as opening up a wider scope of chances in all countries of my life.

The Study Skills Self-Assessment which I completed on 23 October 2007 ( Appendix ) highlighted three chief employability accomplishments I need to develop as:

  • Bettering ain acquisition and public presentation
  • Application of figure ( data aggregation and reading )
  • Information and engineering proficiency
  • Alongside these, to develop, are my personal properties of
  • Self assurance
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Opinion

In this self appraisal I besides reflected on my ain specific failings which include being excessively self-critical and non praising my ain accomplishments enough which can impact my ability to be non subjective about my public presentation. I have a strong underpinning demand to support others and jump to their deliverance which I have come to see as a hinderance to my ain development and of those I seek to assist. This is a peculiarly of import country for me to turn to as future direction functions will necessitate me to let others to take their ain personal duty and merely offer counsel as appropriate. This 'rescuer ' manner I have is schema-related and I will compose a piece for my portfolio on scheme theory and how this applies to me. Beck, 1967 described a scheme as `` ..a cognitive construction for showing, cryptography, and measuring the stimulation that impinge A on the being '' . In short, schemas are the filters or nucleus beliefs we have about ourselves or the universe around us and, thereby, how we interpret different state of affairs in our lives.

The nature of the work I do in wrongdoer rehabilitation requires me to set about regular de-briefing, supervising, annually wellness reappraisals and bi-monthly guidance. This, together with scheme theory and other therapy theoretical accounts I use with captives, which I have besides applied to myself, means I spend a batch of clip being introverted and sharing this with co-workers. Add to this, the personal development elements of the Foundation Degree, means I need to be aware of equilibrating this wealth of self-contemplation with practical stairss for a successful hereafter.

One of the press releases for self-appraisal from this class has helped me see what can acquire in the manner of things I want to make. These include hapless clip direction and a deficiency of construction and balance in and between my work, survey and private life. This is of import as I can go frustrated by unneeded last minute efforts to run into deadlines. By holding a clear coherent program I can be after my work and life more efficaciously and, this alone gives me a sense of exhilaration and motive.

Possible benefits of development planning

Relevant acquisition and development is more likely to go on in pattern when you are end directed.

Learning that is planned is more efficient.

Unanticipated acquisition chances are more likely to come to your attending when you are prepared for them.

The picks of learning methods are more likely to be appropriate following completion of a development program and their usage can be designed and managed to supply a trim tantrum with your demands and involvements.

Motivation and assurance in taking duty for one 's ain acquisition can be enhanced.

Possible restrictions of development planning

The quality of a completed development program can endure without seasonably and relevant diagnostic information from others.

The creative activity of a valid and functional program is peculiarly hard to accomplish without the active support and understanding of others who are relevant to you in your current function.

The successful execution of even a well-crafted program is non guaranteed without go oning support and challenge from others.

Operating intimations

Ensure that there is ready entree to relevant and valid diagnostic informations in the designation of larning demands.

Ensure that there are chances for, potentially, several loops of the program in draft signifier to which relevant others in the administration have the chance to lend by manner of thoughts and information.

In taking learning methods, explore and clear up these exhaustively anterior to doing determinations about which to utilize. This may affect treatment and understanding with others who will necessitate to supply clip or other aid.

Ensure understanding is reached about learning ends and methods between, for illustration, you and your director.

Ensure that clear marks and other 'mileposts ' associated with learning ends are agreed between yourself and other interested parties.

Arrange for training or mentoring aid where appropriate to cover both the creative activity and execution of the development program.

Research accomplishments and techniques

  • Effective job work outing
  • Independent, critical thought, while analyzing and developing established theory and research
  • Underpining cognition of my work environment
  • Research accomplishments and utilizing these to critically measure my findings and those of others
  • Personal and professional contemplation, concise study composing

Research environment

Awareness of the deepness and comprehensiveness of research and able to contract down the field to guarantee clear focal point of subject.

In my functions in programms I have a good unpinning cognition of ethical pattern and adhere to the Prison Service and British Psychological Society rules of best ethical pattern.

Ability to utilize a assortment of agencies to collate informations for concluding analysis

Research direction

Set undertaking ends and work towards effectual timescales and work precedences.

Able to place and entre appropriate bibliographical resources, archives, internet resources and other beginnings of relevant information.

Information engineering accomplishments to make databases, study authorship, exemplifying and presenting of findings and information. Illustrated through farther instruction surveies and putting up research undertakings undertaken within work function ( for illustration, establishment a needs analysis for a proposal to make a curative wing at HMP Full Sutton ).

Personal effectivity

  • A deep desire and ability to learn and get cognition
  • Creative, advanced and original in my attack to research
  • Flexible, non-judgemental and open-minded
  • Strong self-awareness and able to place my ain preparation demands
  • Self-disciplined, motivated, and thorough in set uping and accomplishing best pattern in professional life.
  • Brooding ability to set up my ain boundaries and use all beginnings of support as appropriate
  • Ability to demo inaugural, work independently and am autonomous whilst keeping strong squad values particularly in a leading function.

Putting up new process and protocols. ( For illustration, putting up the Penile Plethysmograph Suite which became a Centre of best pattern and my advice sought at other constitutions. Was cited in the national preparation manuals for process I created which have been adopted nationally.

Communication accomplishments

A clear and appropriate manner dependent upon intent, e.g. advancement studies, published paperss, undertakings, grudge process.

Articulate in presenting stuffs clearly to a scope of audiences, officially and informally through a assortment of techniques including the usage of Powerpoint.

Ability to negociate results whilst assertively defendable of robust personal and professional ethical issues.

Strong involvement in developing the acquisition of others through mentoring and supervising.

Networking and teamwork

As evidenced throughout my farther instruction surveies, I develop co-operative webs and working relationships with supervisors, co-workers and equals, within my establishment and the wider research community.

An apprehension of the behavior of ego and others to enable effectual squad coherence. Developed a scope of perceptive feedback accomplishments particularly constructive.

Career direction

A demonstrated committednes to continued professional development as demonstrated through Foundation Degree and BA ( Hons ) surveies.

Ownership of ain calling patterned advance with realistic and accomplishable calling ends which are identified in such as manner as to develop and better employability

Movable research accomplishments from farther instruction which can be used within the work environment and other calling chances such as Counselling.

Ability to show my accomplishments, personal properties and experiences through effectual CVs, applications and interviews.

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