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To: David Johnson Subject: Information on Business Edge Dear Mr David Johnson Firstly I would like to thank you for your response to my email based on my application for the sales and marketing position you are currently have available. I am pleased to know you would like further knowledge of my completion of the Business Edge Program undertaken through my Bachelor of Business at Edith Cowan University. The program helped me develop a range of skills related to the sales and marketing role in which I have applied for.

The following email will represent the key aspects that Business Edge specified within my time in the program. I will analyze the different components of Business Edge and the skills I have gained during the program. Additionally I will explain how these concepts will be beneficial to your company. As a result this email will give you background knowledge on my intake and understanding of the Program. The Business Edge program is designed to help students understand the growing impact of international competition in businesses and employment and how to successfully operate in the global marketplace.

The program introduces students to the concept of business and to various interpersonal, group work and organizational skills essential for university and employment success. The Program is also geared to helping students to realize and improve their abilities in individual learning styles, group work, cross-cultural communication, business communication, critical thinking and ethical behavior. In addition, the Business Edge program introduces students to the concept of self-reflection, self-discovery, self- criticism, peer assessment and information and time management.

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Having completed this program I can tell you that it is an extremely unique course as it focuses on student centered learning. This means that there are plenty of role-plays, scenarios, interactive multi-media and activities where students develop their employability skills by ‘doing’. As the student you must use your previous knowledge and experience, apply these to real situations and learn from those around you so that your employability skills can be developed and refined along the entire length of the program.

A key attribute I have developed through the Business Edge program is the “ability to communicate”. This gives me excellent employability skills such as forming effective relationships with customers and employees. This is a perfect attribute for the sales and marketing role. As someone interested in sales and marketing I think it is essential that you communicate effectively and form networks with customers and fellow clients. I think the ability to interact with others openly and objectively is vital criteria for the position and Business Edge has certainly given me a great advantage in this area.

The main emphasis that the Business Edge program projected was on clear communication and presentations. Personally I feel to be a competent communicator you must first be able to listen and understand others, in particular with sales because face to face communication is frequent and also phone conversation. I think my ability to understand clear communication and my advanced understanding of open questions will benefit your company greatly. I know when working in sales and marketing you have to allow communication to flow and invite open discussion.

You must have a clear tone as well as a good posture if talking to an audience, when talking on a phone your manner must be polite while still being clear and able to adapt. I believe that a good communicator is someone who can change the way they communicate to suit the person they are speaking to. You should express yourself in a way that makes sense to that person. I think the Business Edge program has helped me achieve this and it will be a great asset in the sales and marketing role. Another attribute that I developed through the Business Edge program is the “ability to work in teams”.

The Business Edge program as stated earlier is student centered and the learning process is by “doing”. Most of this is done through group work, participating in various activities and presentations. Through these activities I could improve my self-confidence to a higher level. I got an idea about how to work in groups with mutual understanding and to respect others ideas as well. With the knowledge I gained from this unit, I’m now able to get others give their ears to me and express my ideas in an effective manner in front of an audience.

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