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Last Updated: 06 Jul 2020
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Pages: 3 Views: 489, the company that was featured in this case is definitely a company that has a lot of potential to grow in its online restaurant reservation business.  The company has already shown better progress where the company can already provide the basic needs of their customers online, which is only done mostly in hotels.  With already established number of branches across Asia-Pacific it is important that the company focus on improving the business process, particularly focusing on how they serve their customer.

Customer service and satisfying each and every customer must be well studied and it should not just be a common process that will be implemented to all.  This is also one of the main ingredients in most companies around the world, particularly in this type of business restaurant. should know what the customer needs per area of operation, also by providing what they like and giving them discounts are just some of the better things that they can improve.

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The company should be particular in looking at not only for its customer’s convenience but also how they can be given discounts.  Also what needs to be look at ahead is not just that, the company should also be looking at how they operate effectively, because sometimes restaurants are only good when you see them online, and for some experiencing it in actual, like already getting into the restaurant are sometimes a worst experience.  People tend to say sometimes “why is it when I saw your menu in the internet, it has this recipe or ingredient and the serving is like this…?” this only means that you are not honest and you are just shortchanging the customers.

This is for all of us know that mostly frustrates customers.  One good example that can be seen as example is Starbucks, the company has grown for many years now, and yet they continue to establish a class and quality of their own that never fades for years now.  One of the many qualities of this company is quality service for their customers.  Giving the right product and offering it with all respect to their customers.

In the second part, providing SWOT analysis for, for it strengths, there is no question about this one; it is their current number of branches.  The company has grown for years now where it already has 800 branches all over Asia-Pacific.  This only shows that the company should look at it and have to make used of it wisely and efficiently.  For its weaknesses, one that can be well understood in this case could be lack of adequate funds, because in most cases when your business is growing, it is important to have enough funds when operating this very expensive type of business.

It may not be clearly stated in the company but for this business case, it did not clearly provide better financial status on the company where it could be a major problem in the long run since money would really be a big factor for its efficient operations.  In the side of opportunities, first opportunity that needs to be look at is their online system.  Their internet online system should be well studied and carefully analyzed if it is really providing the best online service for all their customers regardless of its location.  The online site must be customized based on the needs of its customers depending on its location.

Second and most important of all, is the opportunity to improve its branches.  The company must be carefully looking at the real situation, like does the company offers what is really the customer wants and also does the restaurants offers the best quality service that they continue to boast in their website.  In other words, quality of service must be shown and consistently being applied both in their website and their restaurants.

Lastly, in terms of treats, definitely the first one is their competitors, the company must always be sensitive and keen on how their competitors are doing, learning from them and being able to anticipate how they do business is important in order for the business to be first in everything.  Another treat is not consistently sustaining the trust and confidence of both of its customers and employees.  The company must not just focus on improving the process, but more importantly there should be some specific actions to improve it.

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