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Week 1 Business Trends Assignment

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Week 1 Business Trends Assignment Tanahya Young XCOM/285 ESSENTIALS OF MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION 3/3/2013 ALISA JACKSON Communicating on the Job The communication involvement daily is a valued part of my process to complete the details of duties outline in my position description. I am required to listen to the spoke and unspoken during interactions with clients. My organization requires that myself and team members have efficient communication with each other and the clients that require our professional assistance.

The communication with in the office must stay a flow along with all lines of the process. There is an immediate demand for effective communication from the processing department, to the office and directly to the client themselves. Management with Communication Technology maintains and organizes my daily activities. Technology advancements provide instant communication with the click of a button. I use several computer software databases daily to access much needed information. Moreover, technology makes communications across the globe seem much closer.

Instant communication access assists daily with contacting others with in the organization in other locations especially since many are in other locations. Almost all office employees are expected to know how to navigate through the Web and to use word processing, e-mail, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software. Trends in Business Communication Keeping a look out for trends in business in my organization is a way of supplying efficient customer service. When there is a trend identified the communication factor is a must to get the message out.

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Week 1 Business Trends Assignment

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The next line of business once a trend has been identified is to define and map out a plan for resolving the issue. Identifying trends and solving the issue of the trend is a team effort. There is involvement with revealing where the issue evolved from and all of the subject matter that created the issue. Then there is a process of elimination with every team member’s input on their take of the trend where email, Same Time communications and direct letters to clientele for notification.

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