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Being a manager that is responsible for marketing in the company, my task calls for a leadership that should result to a successful business endeavor. Supposing we are faced with the dilemma of analyzing a business organization, we need to look into the different aspects of the same. With that, there are relevant issues that should be taken into consideration for that matter.

The imaginary company that we need to review in this paper is Supplement Global. The company is selling a product that caters to the general public worldwide since it is a dietary supplement. The name of the dietary supplement that the company distributes is Hearty Dietary Supplement that is best for preventing and healing different kind of diseases that might cause lifetime disability and even death. In connection with that, there are six (6) factors that should be reviewed with respect to Supplement Global Company and these are description of the business, target market, the product, and the price of the product, selling the product regarding place and distribution, as well as promotion in selling the product.

Description of the Business

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The first issue to be discussed is the description of the business. We need to do so for the reason that our customers must be aware of the kind of product that we would like to impart to them for profits. The company that I am working with is a business organization named Supplement Global that distributes a dietary supplement.

Basically, the product to be distributed by the company is named Hearty Dietary Supplement. It is a dietary supplement that helps to heal more than one hundred kinds of diseases. Hearty Dietary Supplement is a whole food energizer that should be taken up to five times a day. There is no over dosage of the said products since it is made up of herbal products. The series of vitamins and minerals of the product is composed of fruits-vegetables-bioflavonoid-enzymes amino acids-green foods-herbs-and mushrooms.

 The packaging of the product is very unique. In one package, there are six boxes having 30 capsules per box. The Hearty Dietary Supplement is tagged as Mega-Nutritionals in essence since it is made up of 15 kinds of fruits and 15 kinds of vegetables. Besides, there are no approved therapeutic claims for the said product.

The nutrients found in Hearty Dietary Supplement are better absorbed into the blood stream for the reason that its capsules disintegrate up to six (6) times faster than other leading brand in the market. Hearty Dietary Supplement is created to the traditionally high standards of its manufacturer. It is assured that only the best ingredients are utilized like chelated minerals, “flash glance” fruits and vegetables as well as organically grown mushrooms which are all laboratory tested for purity and potency.

There are two ways that the company sells the product. First, it is done through direct selling and second, it is done through traditional method of business. For direct selling, there is an ongoing recruitment of dealers for the product and so there is no exact number of dealers-employees for the said method of selling. It invites all dealer-employees worldwide to join other dealer-employees in selling the said dietary supplement. There is a central office in all cities and countries in the whole world wherein Hearty Dietary Supplement is being sold. All dealers-employees attend meetings in the said offices.

Through the presentation of brochures and leaflets, a dealer-employee can regularly sell three (3) Hearty Dietary Supplement packages daily. The dealer-employee is given a direct percentage of 30 per cent every package being distributed such that Supplement Global no longer provide salaries for them. Hence, the more packages being distributed by a dealer-employee, the more money could be earned. For the traditional method of business, there are 60 top executives and 23,000 employees worldwide for the company. The revenue of the company may reach up to $700 million in just three months.

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