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Ethical and Social Issues inside the Business Organization

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Ethical and Social Issues inside the Business Organization.

Resource Usage: Internet Access

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Ethical and Social Issues inside the Business Organization

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            In the broad aspect of business organization, the role of management manifest a significant importance wherein each organization must properly utilize and correlate their available resources and assets with their necessary operations and tasks to achieve optimum efficiency for their company’s development. In this concern, each of the assets and resources of the business organization is important thus, they must be properly used and correlated with each other in terms of the operational necessity to meet the group’s common interest. Under this management concern, it is indeed important for the business organization to monitor and evaluate the usage of their resources and assets to ensure that their operation is going according to their common interest.

            In the aspect of resource management, each of the respective organizational resource group is indeed valuable in the development of an effective business operation including both the human resource aspect and the material assets of the group. The classification of material assets includes the information resources, facilities, and equipments of the business organization which are necessary for their operation. On the other hand, the human resource is mainly composed of the workers and employees of the group of which physically utilizes and converts the material assets of the group in their operation. In this concern, managing the connection and correlation between the said two assets becomes the main concern of the organization’s management towards achieving the ideal effectiveness and efficiency in their operation.

            However, in actual scenarios, there are numerous problems and issues in the management aspect of the organizational resources and assets. As the concern involves human interaction namely the business-employee relationship, ethical issues and concerns are commonly adamant in this field. A particular problem is the proper usage of the business resources wherein employees must utilize the provided assets of the business in the interest of the organization and not on personal matter. In dealing with this issue, the business management is commonly hindered by ethical concerns and privacy rights significant to the social nature of the business organization.

            Consider the scenario a certain small insurance company with six employees in their monitoring approach towards the usage of their business resources particularly their internet access. In the summary of the monitoring report of the administration, it is evident that some employees might be utilizing the company’s internet access for their personal interest such as entertainment, online chatting, and others. The summarize weekly monitoring report shows that  most of the employees are ideally using the internet access for business purpose however, basing from their website choices, others are still promoting self-interest of which are generally almost half of their internet access weekly usage. In the summary of the weekly monitoring report, Talbot, Helen ranked first in terms of time spent online of which most of the site she visited are dubious to be on the company’s interest. Second is Kelleher, Claire yet based on her visited sites, she is likely performing business interest on her internet usage. Utilizing the information contained in the said report, the business management can develop certain measures and policies to address the said issue of improper resource usage. With these information learned, the business organization can indeed optimize their resource allocation to promote development in their business organization in achieving their common economic interest.

            However, the approach the resource usage monitoring used by the organization in the previous scenario is commonly challenged by ethical and social reasoning deeming it to be improper in respect to privacy and individual rights. In particular, most people consider the approach of internet access monitoring to be a violating of ethical business conduct. Yet on this reasoning, the said approach still falls within the management concern wherein the business organization still maintain it to be their right mainly as the resources remain their property. On business interest, the business administration has its duly right to monitor how their resources are being used as part of the management approach. Indeed, inside the workplace, the internet access provided by the business remain as their property so as the involved computer unit and the electricity consumed thus, its management sector can monitor its usage whether it is within company’s interest.

            In general, the aspect of business management includes the concern of organizing the business assets and resources to achieve effective and efficient production operation towards the organization’s economic interest. A critical part of this concern is the part of understanding the resource usage inside the business operation through monitoring the job tasks and production process of their employees and workers. As part of the interest, the business must ensure that their resources are indeed being utilized for production concern thus, ensuring effective and efficient growth and development in their business organization.


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