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Mobile phone: Blessing or a Curse

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Men check your pocket, Ladies check your purse, something is ringing and vibrating. Yes, the mobile phone, it is a portable gadget, which is made by the people and for the people. A tiny thing which was a status symbol but today, it is the necessity of everyone. Our unique ten-digit numbers allow us to receive or dial calls.

It is the identity of the person nowadays and without this people stare at you as if you are not from the 21st century. Because for being social you do not have to meet your friend or relatives every weekend, you can call, SMS, email, write on the Facebook wall or merely tweet them. All this is possible with this protean mobile. People are really blessed as this mobile technology has changed our life completely because we have the whole universe in our pocket.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, but without a mobile phone you cannot contact your friend and he will not be able to help in emergency. Mobile phone is a true friend and also a live saver, for example, your car broke down in a lonely road where there is no one to help, you can call for help with the help of a mobile phone.

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On the other hand you can also send SMS or email to contact someone. With the help of the thumb exercise you can send text in the wink of an eye. The other two giant social networking websites, Facebook and Twitter, are also accessible with the phone. So being in contact with friends and relatives is really easy.

Other than this there are some basic handy features like Alarm, Stopwatch, Calculator, World Clock, Calendar and Tasks. Don’t you need this features everyday? But if you do not have a mobile phone you will need an alarm clock, a stopwatch, a world clock, a calendar and notebook to write the tasks. Mobile phone is an artist and can do everything you need in your daily life.

Along with this if you like to be a spy these features will be very much in need like the camera, video camera and voice recording are some ingredients which will spice up your life.

Not only this, a mobile also has a huge capacity to store data. So you can feed the memory with music, videos, photos, games and many more things that you like. So when you are in the airport waiting for hours, surely this will be an entertaining friend and you will never be bored. You can also watch live television so that you never miss your show or match on the go.

Nevertheless, you can access the whole Internet. That means you can do your work without sitting on the computer because almost everything can be done on the mobile phone. It is like a hand-computer and will never disappoint you because it works for days.

To add to the total we have the GPS (Global Positioning System), NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, inbuilt compass and last but not the least the mobile application store like the android market place and the iOS app store where you will find millions of reasonable application which suits your need and style.

On top of it, mobile phone makers are making slimmer mobiles with good battery backup also with a faster and better processing gadget so that it makes are life much more faster and simpler. In some countries like Australia, if you have done online booking for your flight you just have to scan a unique code, which is in the form of a barcode. While boarding the barcode displayed on the phone is scanned. This eliminates the need of a paper boarding pass. In the future with the help of Near Field Communication, we can do transactions and pay money with our mobile phone. This way we can see that the mobile phone is the greatest invention of modern time

Mobile phone: Blessing or a Curse essay

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Are smart phones a blessing or a curse?

One has to realize and become aware of the distractions a smart phone can offer, its meant to make life easier not more complicating. So smart phones are both a blessing and a curse it’s the consumer that decides whether it will become a distraction or a gadget that will just make things easier.

What can you do with a mobile phone?

A mobile also makes it possible to gain this information on the go. Brilliant little multi-taskers: With a mobile phone you can make notes, set alarms and reminders, schedule appointments, access the internet, send messages and make calls etc. You really can organise your life if you have a mobile phone, and better still, it’s all in one place!

Why are cell phones bad for schools?

Though laws have helped prevent cell phone use while operating a vehicle, cell phones still have only greatened the number of distracted driving accidents. The reason is that if a school 's library is outdated or lacking in a selection of titles, a student might find it difficult to compile the necessary research for an essay or research paper.

What are the disadvantages of mobile phones?

One of the main disadvantages of mobile phones is the short battery life they have. Mobile phones have plenty of battery life, not until you start playing the addictive games! The latest smartphone has around 2 days of battery life. Another element of mobile phones that will drain the battery is charging it overnight.

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