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Art Evaluation Looking around the hallways, I found many interesting paintings. But, I found that a particular painting was more interesting than the rest. The piece of art that I have chosen to talk about is an artwork that is hanging on the wall in the hallway of JJC. The artwork is painted by a girl named Nicole Marie Wilkin in 2007. She titled her work, “Endless Miles. ” The materials that she chose to use were Oil on Canvas. After looking over the painting, I notice many formal elements. The formal elements that are presented in this work are: color, line, space, texture, and motion.

The painting is very well balanced; therefore, my attention isn’t focused on a certain part of the painting. The texture of the painting looks smooth. The multiple uses of contrasting colors are what I believe attracted my eyes to this painting. I feel that this formal element is what is most dominant in the picture. Another formal element that caught my eye was the use of motion. The endless amount of swirls and wavy lines make the painting look as if it is moving. I think that this gives the work a cool effect when looking at it.

Using the elements, color and motion together, as Nicole did, was a good idea and works well for drawing attention to her work. The use of these two keep me wondering what the artist was actually thinking when painting this picture. There are also a few principles of composition that I see in this painting. I find that the work has no specific place that is weighted in the painting; therefore, the painting has an all over composition. The painting is asymmetrical because it cannot be split into two parts and mirror each other.

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I feel that this painting does evoke thoughts and emotions. When I look at this painting I feel a sense of freedom. I feel that this artwork represents freedom because of the numerous amounts of implied lines that lead to other implied lines. I feel as if the painting is leading my eyes on never-ending maze. The freedom that I feel is because there is no exact focal point of this painting and my eyes are free to follow whichever implied line they choose. I believe that this idea may lead into why this particular artist may have named her art, “Endless Miles. I think that the formal elements that make this work so free are the use of motion and line together. I feel that the media and materials used in this art make a strong impact. The use of oil on canvas helps to make the painting look smooth and flowing. I feel that since the artist used oil, she was able to blend her colors well and add shading to her colors. Oil is easily blended since the colors dry very slowly. This is why I think that the use of oil was a good choice for her.

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