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The main message of the paper is directed at providing enough background and research to the process of identifying user needs and to enable one to understand the various importance of collecting user needs. Requirements collection forms an essential step in system development and is one of the primary stages which need to be fulfilled well for further successful development of the system.

Unless this stage is performed well and requirements are captured entirely the system would be half- built and it would not correspond to the details of the business operations entirely.

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2. Why this message is seen as important and worthy of research?

Answer: It is quite important to identify the user’s mind and to devise the better methods for research and development. The composition of user’s reactions, their various perceptions towards cost, effort and time is very crucial to be understood so that they can be capitalized upon.

The various messages would impart better formulation of the various strategies required for fetching the requirements of the users. The composition of the primary understanding of the subject, its importance and learning the various natures would enable better communication and pave the way to smoother communication.

3. What issues are addressed within the main message?

Answer: The issues that are addressed in the main passage would be to understand the user problems and to capture the various mechanisms to get the job done at its best.

The first message is aimed at knowing the crucial aspects of an user’s mind and their objectives which they would target. Knowing the right pattern and benefit would largely assist the development team to shape their technique for requirements gathering.

The second message is towards the understanding the right tool for collection of the requirements. It largely presents the factor for the right selection of the appropriate methodology for benefit and would enable greater integration of user choices and methodology.

The third message is to announce the right method for collection of requirements and its successful classification for which the system can be built around successfully. The various requirements for enabling the classification would result in knowing the user minds and acknowledging the right way for gaining the advantage of the proposed system.

4. How these issues are treated/researched?

Answer: The issues are placed into the research domain for getting the elaborate discussion of the facts and thus a set of questionnaires are devised for answering the issues for the paper. The composition of the various strategies result into visual set of instances through which the communication would be further smooth and understandable.

The data flow diagrams and process models enriched the issues further and the very basis for making the right judgments would be at ease. The various models suggested in the research has taken effective care of the user’s understanding process and facilitated the right manner of fetching the requirements for its detail. The proper classification would enable right judgment of the issues and enable better modeling the framework.

5. What are the major findings of the paper?

Answer: The major finding is divided into large scale classified programs. The major achievement is divided into modules and user details are framed into it. The composition of the varied factors has evolved the IBIS model and the observance of a methodology to match the requirements of the enterprise.

The methodologies form the large part of discussion and enable one to detail various forms of justice to match the standards. The rightful methods for getting the insight of the various strategies exercised would satisfy requirements stated.

6. What is your own assessment of the findings of the paper?

Answer: The assessment lies in the depth of the major challenges laid down and to make the most of the methodologies and models proposed. The models proposed for successful capturing of the user requirements are yet to be tested in real life and thus cannot be predicted for its success for sure.

The risk factors and the collaboration of ideas would fetch right direction for the right tapping of the user’s requirements and the dynamic nature of the changing user’s views and collaboration. The primary issue is to understand the situation and the various challenges posed by the situation. The analysis of the clients atmosphere and the risk factors for inappropriate information collection methodology is of large importance. The variety of options and the selection of the right factor would enable correct decision making for the enterprise.

The cultural issues at this point must be highlighted well and must be taken into account for better understanding of the issues. The problems related to obtaining information and collection of user requirements is a major challenge. The different methods for doing work might not be understood by people and would instill problems if not corrected well. The cultural issues required to be dealt well for fetching the appropriate set of user requirements and to make sure that it is taken care well.

The models highlighted in the paper are not sought after and wishfully does not envelope the major emotional factors for data collection and tapping the right set of requirements. The various psychological factors are not taken into picture and are not surveyed for fetching the birds view of the process.

7. Relate this assessment to some case studies or applications in the real world which you are aware of, i.e. substantiate your assessment with examples

Answer:  The assessment can be dealt with a case study of a company where the best technique to collect requirements for their “Employee leave tracking system”. Techniques like interviewing, questionnaire, past documents and other such ways of dealing with the final collection of user requirements. The SWOT analysis of the methods was researched and ultimately the interviewing methods for requirements collection are established for better research and study.

In our Employee leave tracking system, the interviewing method would be of great use for collecting the requirements as the diversification would be quite less. The person giving information may not cater to all departments, as leave is an organizational issue and can be addressed by the HR manager alone. All the queries regarding system requirements would be met by one person alone handling the employee leave tracking system that is the Human Resources department.

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