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Does Lili Rose make a right choice in the story "Curly Red " by Joyce Carol Oates? Why or why not? Lili Rose the protagnist of the story ,''Curly Red''by Joyce Carol Oates depicts the tension between her and her father by stating ''Daddy ? I had to do it. I did'nt have any choice. I'wondered if it was true,dont we always have choices. ''This quote focuses on the decisions Lili Rose had to made about the involvement of her brothers in the racist crime. She made the right decision following her consciousness rather than loyality of her family.

She lived a guilt free life after confessing the crime of her brother and correcting the family mistake by suppurting the truth. Lili Rose did not conceal the truth from the society instead she amend the mistake. Her ethical nature and loyality to truth made her different from her family . She decides to live a guilt free life. She was not sorry about anything she did and was determined that if it again ahppens to her she would do it again. Lili betrayed her family by revealing the secretof the involvement of her brothers in the murder. She confessed by stating,''I said Mom? It was Leo and Mario.

I saw them with the baseball bat. They were the ones''. Her mother reacted furiously after listening this which indicates that her anger was releasing in physical way. Lili provided justice to Jadro Filer who was innocent. She gave justice to his family by confessing the truth beside the loyality of her family. Lili's father was assuaging his own guilt by supporting Jadro Filer's family financially. Lili was against this and thought that life cannot be retained by money. lili's parents try to protect leo and mario from the crime. lili followed her inner consciousness and told the truth which left her alone the wholelife.

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Lili Rose's ''love''towards her brothers changes into''hate'' when she realizes the horrible nature of her brothers . This illustrates in the story when Lili states ''Only years later would I wonder what leo and mario had done to me if they'd guessed all that i knew. '' lili feels that it is her personal responsibility to tell the truth about their crime as she did not want to carry this guilt her whole life. Hence,Lili Rose followed her consciousness rather than her family and supported the truth . she made the right choice which however changed her life forever. Delete ReplyReply ForwardMovePrint Actions NextPrevious

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