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According to the article, "Leaders: America and Guns," it Is evident that gun control has proven Ineffective when It comes to dissolving the "love affair" that exists between Americans and their guns ("Leaders: America and Guns"). This article highlights the Issues that permeate throughout America regarding pro gun groups. Not only Is this article persuasive, it Infuses a degree of rhetorical strategies including logical, as well as emotional appeals to fortify the issue at hand.

Various examples, statistics, and sound evidence is brought to the table, adequately arguing ND developing the position that, "Americans want to keep their guns, no matter how high the price," ("Leaders: America and Guns"). Furthermore, the other article, "Support for Gun Control Legislation," falls short in strengthening its argument and is not as convincing, in comparison to "Leaders: America and Guns. " These articles use an array of rhetorical strategies to convey their arguments, however some strategies prove more successful or useful than others. Exemplification or defining appears in both articles.

These rhetorical strategies seem necessary and perhaps essential monuments In each article. They serve to properly support and strengthen the statements of each author. Another rhetorical strategy that Is prominent throughout both articles Is the comparing and contrasting method. TLS strategy allows the reader to introduce the pros and cons concerning their argument while persuading the reader to take a stance or a step in the right direction. Once the comparing and contrasting have been presented and thoroughly examined, the author can then persuade the reader based on said favorable findings.

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Apart from these rhetorical strategies, classifying and dividing appear in both articles too. This type of strategy divides difficult or overwhelming topics in smaller comprehensible units. Readjusting a broad topic into smaller subsections lets the writer gain control of the argument and allows the reader to comfortably analyze the material ("Rhetorical Strategies). This Is particularly true on a subject like gun control In America, a topic In desperate need of dissecting since there is so much history and discourse to address.

The first article, "Leaders: America and Guns," uses these rhetorical strategies most effectively, as oppose to the article, "Support for Gun Control Legislation. " The first article appeals to the reader on an emotional level, as well as on a logical level. The author starts off with; "The love affair goes on, whatever the price. The funerals are over," ("Leaders: America and Guns"). This is a powerful and convincing statement because it gets the reader emotionally involved. It conjures up thoughts of death, guns, and their relation to one another. Followed by this emotionally charged tenement, is a series of examples.

This structure holds true to the rhetorical strategy of exemplification. Mentioned are descriptions of young boys as murders and shocking Incidents such as mass shootings and school massacres. These examples are so effective because they emphasize the Idea that Americans are still obsessed with guns regardless of all the harm they can cause. Moreover, the author also gets the reader convinced on a logical level by presenting rather startling but true evidence, like the anti-control slogan, "guns don't kill people, people kill cause at face value, it is true.

With all these historical events and facts, this article becomes very credible and the author builds a very strong argument. The author also uses the rhetorical strategy of compare and contrast to further reinforce the idea that Americans are reluctant to give up their guns. The article mentions the stark contrasts in regards to deaths by handguns in America versus the world. Although the difference in numbers across the board is shocking, the author follows these statements by, "most Americans remain unimpressed by such imprisons," ("Leaders: America and Guns"). This article is incredibly persuasive and convincing.

Such statements leave the reader in disbelief that Americans still "want to keep their guns, no matter how high the price," ("Leaders: America and Guns"). From this article, even though the author introduces both sides of the story, one could presume that gun control may not gain popularity in America. After reading the first article, the second article becomes less convincing. "Support for Gun Control Legislation," lacks emotion and depth. The article sets itself up for disaster, cause although it tries to stress how gun legislation is on the brink of undergoing tighter regulations, it fails miserably.

The author places too much emphasis on the National Rifle Association (NEAR). The rhetorical strategy of exemplification is present, but glorifies the NEAR, mentioning how "powerful" and how " successful" the anti-gun control lobby has been, "in helping to block any meaningful gun control legislation in Congress,"("Support for Gun Control Legislation"). This example, followed by facts, is perhaps not the best one for this discussion because it reinforces the strength of the association in America and weakens the argument for better or more effective regulations.

However, the article does include examples of small victories nationwide concerning tougher gun restrictions, but these statements would have been more effective if they were mentioned earlier. These successes lose their credibility as they are undermined when compared and contrasted to the NEAR. The author is very disorganized; his attempts at using classifying and dividing to strengthen his argument do not help him to properly compose his thoughts. The author Jumps from he NEAR, to a series of events, to politicians and lastly lawsuits.

This overwhelms the reader because the flow is too Jumbled, for this reason this article becomes ineffective and too complicated to properly make sense of. Lastly, the article that gave me the best answer was "Leaders: America and Guns. " This article was emotionally charged and logically composed. The author included numerous rhetorical strategies to reinforce his rather shocking stance that Americans love their guns and that those guns are here to stay. The authors use of visual descriptions, incidents, and statistics were all appropriate examples used to establish and display the ideas effectively.

The composition of the article flows really well, a lot of information is presented but also condensed, mentioning only what is vital to the argument. The author is direct and to the point and the author does not deviate from the main argument, constantly coming back and endorsing his/her opinion. The author mentions, "many Americans have already come to the remarkable conclusion that the best route to a safer America is a better-armed America," ("Leaders: America and Guns"). The author is constantly on point with his/her information.

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