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Legend of Korra Analytical Paper

Essay Topic:

The Legend of Korra: Stereotypes Stereotypes are very common in the current state of the world.In The Legend of Korra, which is the animated sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, the protagonist is a 17-year-old teenager named Korra.She is the next avatar (The avatar is someone who can control all the elements and is supposed to restore order to the world).

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During the first season of Legend of Korra many antagonists try to oppose Korra because of the stereotypes made about her. Korra also stereotypes about others as well which causes her failures.

The Legend of Korra is a window of our culture about Stereotypes. Many people stereotype Korra wrongly (Ulaby n. pag. ). She is much like Katniss and Kim Impossible (Boucher n. pag. ). She has a very defined set of morals such as honesty, friendship, and fun. Korra breaks almost all the stereotypes that are made about her. The people of Republic City assume that Korra is a serious, semi- powerful, and all knowing, but in reality she really is not. Although Korra has an enormous responsibility she is a carefree teen. She is reckless and curious.

In The Legend of Korra there is a rebel organization called “The Equalists”, their leader is a man called Amon (Legend n. pag. ). The Equalists assume at first that Korra is an incompetent avatar and then her element bending skills are amateur. They stereotyped wrong; just because she was a woman and was young did not mean that she was not powerful. In that episode she defeated them easily. This situation happens daily on earth. People often overestimate their power and underestimate their enemies. Korra also overestimates her abilities and powers.

She has a very high ego and is rash. Korra often digs a hole for herself that she cannot get out of. In many episodes Korra will just jump right into the action and will receive bad consequences. After Korra defeated “The Equalists” once she realized the power she had and started to abuse her powers. Also after getting defeated “The Equalists” realized how powerful she was and adjusted to her personality. In one instance, Korra walks right into a trap because of her impulses and instinct. “The Equalists” then captured her as well as her friends (Legend n. ag. ). Many individuals underestimate the opposing people. In sports a good team may be facing a horrible team. The good team might think that they do not need to practice because they are facing a bad team. This underestimating often causes the downfall of many teams and people. The Stereotypes are everywhere in The Legend of Korra. Many people in LoK that Korra is weak and amateur; which Korra is not. Not only do people stereotype Korra, but Korra also does a fair amount of stereotyping. The Legend of Korra reflects many stereotypes of this world.

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